Sawdust as fertilizer assistance to gardeners and preservation of ecology

Today, many think that the natural resources of Mother Earth are not unlimited, so their use was as rational as possible.Recycling has become one of the priorities in the business.

not evaded the question and wood products processing industry, in particular, saw dust.As the fertilizer used them before, they have always been popular with gardeners because of its availability and security for plants and the environment.There are several ways to enrich the material for the cultivation of the land.Themselves sawdust as a fertilizer does not represent anything special, but in a processed form can serve as good manure.

Conifer sawdust have the ability to sweat for a long time, so it is advisable to use them for the next year after being added to a compost pit.

Sawdust from deciduous trees can be used fresh.To this wetted with a solution of urea and complex nitrogen-containing fertilizers.Woodchips can be mixed with liquid manure or poultry manure in the following proportions: three buckets of sawdust and one bucket of fertilizer.Thus you will save main fertilizer consumption, reduce its aggressive action on the ground and achieve a uniform distribution in the ground.

Sawdust introduced into the soil during the autumn agricultural works, significantly improve the qualitative composition of the earth and make it loose, loose and supple and reduce the clay soil.However, this land is also fertile ground for ants, beetles and other pests of our sites.If you make sawdust into the ground as fertilizer, then the appearance of ants their nest must be treated with a solution mixture of ash and lime.This treatment is to prevent the insect can be done in advance of cultivated land around the ridges on the sides of greenhouses and polytunnels.

struggle for the use of recycled products is not limited to garden.Almost does not remain places where it had not been debugged the business of waste recycling.Widespread production of fuels from vegetable material.In the case of waste wood is made of sawdust briquettes.Economic benefits from the creation of an additional type of income to wood processing enterprises is obvious.If you get rid of the waste by incineration, it is fraught with multimillion-dollar fines from the Environmental Control.Decay products of burning sawdust - carbon monoxide - an adverse effect on the environment.Furthermore, in the case of humid waste, they simply will not smolder burn completely.If you create the production for the production of fuel pellets, besides the high demand for their products (briquettes intended for any method of fire-lighting, suitable for oven and grill, a fireplace, a campfire during outings), the company will receive:

  • no clutter territory;
  • completely closed waste-free manufacturing process;
  • no need to find the raw materials for production;
  • protection of the environment.

Using sawdust as a fertilizer or as a raw material for the creation of new business, remember that by doing so you maintain the purity of our nature, the air, and hence our health.