Device chicken coop on the site

correct device coop necessarily implies the presence of nests, perches, drinkers, feeders and baths.Nests should be placed in a shaded place, and arrange so that the owner had access for their inspection, cleaning and removal of eggs.

As a rule, they constructed of planks, plywood or weave of vines.The nest should always be clean straw.Use for lining hay should not be, as it quickly syreet.Straw should be changed regularly because it might lead the insects take a lot of troubles.

best solution is the location of the nests in the form of two or three-tiered stack.At a height of 40 cm from the ground to place the lower slot, which is required to make a threshold of 5 cm and a small board for takeoff.It should be remembered that one nest should be no more than six hens.

To winter chickens scurried device coop in the cold implies its insulation.This can be achieved by expanding the straw on the floor, the height of 20-25 centimeters.Chicken manure is distributed according to litter, will gradually heat up, releasing heat in the chicken coop, which is necessary to maintain optimal temperature.To permanently hens fed oxygen, it must be equipped with efficient forced-air ventilation in the henhouse.

Internals coop requires the placement of perches, which are located in the horizontal position, the best - from the windows on the opposite side.Number of roosts and their length depends on the number of chickens.As a rule, one hen laid about 20 cm length of the poles, so to determine its length is not difficult.To facilitate the recovery of bird roost should be established to set small trapiki.

device henhouse equipment involves bathing of sand.For this purpose, should be using the boards to fence in the corner of a small zagonchik and to pour a layer of fine, better than river sand, 9-12 cm in height. It is also desirable to add wood ash and sulfur.You can set the trough in the hen house, the length of one meter and a height of 15-20 cm of ash baths.In the prepared container poured sand (dry summer road dust) and ash in equal proportions.The device of baths promotes clean feathers and skin of poultry, and even the release of parasites.

device coop is not possible without the trough, which is made in the form of a trough.To accommodate the use of wet meshanok feeders, made of boards or galvanized iron, they are easier to clean and disinfect.For feeding trough 20 chicken suit, having a length of 110 and a width of 25 cm. In order to prevent contamination - on top of the brackets must be installed turntable or profits from the bar handle.Dry pet food more convenient to apply in automatic feeders, at a daily rate.

in the house in small feeders attached to the wall at a height of growth of chicken should always be chalk, shell, coarse sand, bits of coal and bricks, slaked lime, which is necessary for a better feed conversion and prevention of goiter.On the wall you can hang cabbage, hay, grass.