Engineer Steve Wozniak (Stephen Wozniak) - biography of one of the founders of Apple

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American computer engineer Steve Wozniak, along with the legendary Steve Jobs managed to turn the idea of ​​the world of computers.In 1975, they collected their first device, remotely resembling a modern PC, and in 1980 became millionaires and legislators in the computer industry.Steve Wozniak, whose biography is described in this article, a brilliant inventor and co-founder of the great multi-billion from Apple.Unfortunately, on his merits in the field of electronics is now rarely speak, often remembered his colleague - Steve Jobs.But who knows, it would be whether Jobs is now a legend, if not Wozniak.

Childhood and first passion

Stephen Gary Wozniak was born on 11 August 1950 in the city of San Jose in the western United States.His parents were immigrants from Bukovina, his mother nationality - German, his father - a Pole.In the US, they moved after World War II.Father Francis Stephen Wozniak graduated from the California Institute of Technology and has been developing missile guidance systems in the company Lockheed, working as an engineer.Steve Little is often seen as the father dug in devices and tried to help him.So Steve Wozniak discovered first and main passion - the world of electronics.He did not know that when something becomes the father of the computer revolution.

A student is the fourth class, a very young boy, Steve Wozniak rejoices victory at city competition of inventors, which was conducted by BBC.He presented to the jury a complex calculator, which gathered himself!Already in the school years Steve became a member of Sylvania.After obtaining the certificate of secondary education went to Berkeley to continue his studies there at the University of California.It soon became clear that the money for training the son of parents are sorely lacking, so Steve Wozniak was forced to transfer to the University of Den-Asa.However, and this educational institution man soon left.

Early career

Stephen was a second-year student when he was offered a job in the company Hewlett-Packard.Without thinking, he dropped out and took the company in a rapidly growing place of designer calculators.An interesting fact is that then, in 1975, at the disposal of all the engineers, which the company had about eighty people, there was only one computer.

Creating Apple

In 1975, the US market appears first computer Altair-8800.Give him $ 400 while Stephen could not but be at a "child of progress," he had to be sure!So he went the other way - did it himself, using his microprocessor Motorola and several memory modules.Wozniak creation a few years ahead of the public have already submitted the device Altair-8800 and it was truly amazing invention.Assuming the

Wozniak, his namesake and a good friend of Steve Jobs has pioneered the development of another model of the computer - such that will appear as a fully assembled PC that will interest fans of the computer sphere.To this end, the PC had to be invented to add a keyboard, monitor, and little memory.Wozniak took the offer with skepticism, but nevertheless agreed.Friends sold their most valuable possessions (Wozniak - Scientific Calculator Hewlett-Packard, and Jobs - van Volkswagen), to be able to buy the necessary components for the future of the computer.Gathered in the garage computer board and will be shortly a platform for their first commercial project Apple I.

first sale

In early 1976, the boys got its first order of 25 pieces of personal computers from the local electronics dealer, then WozniakHe quit his job at Hewlett-Packard and devoted himself entirely to his work.In 1976, namely 1 April, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs created, and in 1977 officially registered his company and called it Apple Computer, in honor of the beloved group of friends - Beatles, on the albums that have always been in the form of an apple logo.

first success

Simple and compact computer Apple I, created by two Stephen in 1976, he offered them first profit.Devices costing 666 dollars and 66 cents has sold more than 600 pieces.A new model Apple II, more convenient and compact, and all the small garage has turned the company into a corporation.Demand for technology Apple was incredible, very quickly the company has won a large share of the computer market.In 1980, Jobs and Wozniak millionaires.


Steve Wozniak became the father of the revolution in the world of computers.It depended on him the way they perceive the new computer.Above the external design of the device was working perfectionist Jobs, but over usability - master Wozniak.Most programs for Apple computers were written by him.For printers, the issue of which soon became one of the areas of the company, Wozniak has also been set up most of the software.The programming language Calvin, a computer game called Breakout, and a set of virtual processor designs shestnadtsatibitnogo SWEET-16 - also develop Wozniak.

Two Steve

Despite the fact that the names of two different Stevie (Steven and Stephen), they sounded the same.Named by the name of their employees could not, so they often named their leaders as "Steve" and "second, Steve."Steve Wozniak (the photo is not often flashed and flashed in periodicals) had many nicknames and aliases.He was called and «The Woz», and «iWoz», and the «Wizard of Woz».A friend and colleague Jobs called him simply "Woz".

Life is Apple

In 1981, Wozniak during take off his plane at Santa Cruz was in a plane crash.Fortunately, everything worked out and Steven did not receive serious injuries.The only thing that bothered him after the accident - amnesia.He did not remember either the incident or his stay in the hospital or the simple daily activities that engaged after he was discharged.Steve had to gather information bit by bit from the others.Memory soon returned to him, for the most part thanks to the games on the Apple II.

After the crash, Stephen did not return to the company, and devoted his time to create a family.He married Candy Clark, who liked to call "superwoman" for her name, same surname Superman Clark Kent - known in the US comic book hero.

At the same time Wozniak returned to the University of California to continue their education.In 1986, he received his bachelor's degree (in electrical engineering and computer technology).

two consecutive years (1982 and 1983) Steve Wozniak sponsored a national rock festivals «The US Festival», which was attended by Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, U2, Scorpions and other rock legends.A feature of these festivals were the exhibition of novelties of world technologies.

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In 1983, Steve Wozniak decided to return to Apple in the position of chief engineer.But in February 1987, leaving the company again, this time forever.The reason was disappointing at best friend and companion of Steve Jobs.

After leaving Apple, Wozniak founded several high-tech companies, among them «CL-9" is engaged in the production of remote controls, «Wheels Of Zeus», set up a wireless GPS-technology.In 2002, Steve joined the board of directors of the companies «Ripcord Networks Inc.» and «Danger Inc.».

In addition, Stephen began active teaching and charitable activities.He sponsored technology program Los Gatos - the district in which the children attend school Steven.In 2004, the year for his contribution to the sphere of personal computers, he received a doctorate of the University of North Carolina.

Another creation, which gave the world Steve Wozniak - the book «iWoz», describing the events of his life.It is worth reading for anyone interested in the history and features of the development of modern computer technology.