Temple in Peredelkino.

Moscow has a huge number of memorable historic sites.Peredelkino - one of them.This place is well known not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders.

little history In ancient times in these places located village Spasskoe- Luchino.Since then, miraculously survived some of the cultural monuments, architecture of great historic significance.One of these priceless monuments is the Church of the Transfiguration.

In the XVII century church in Peredelkino (Spasskoe- Luchino) began to surround the peasant hut.Soon, this place was called trouble.The village became the center of Luchino fiefdoms.

Church of the Transfiguration was first mentioned in 1646.By the beginning of the XVIII century in the documents have already described the two churches - including Spassky.

wooden Spassky church in Peredelkino was Attached to it stone church, which was consecrated in the name of Dmitry Rostovsky.

At the beginning of the XIX century, many settlements near Moscow significantly affected by the barbaric de

struction by the French.Lukin The fire destroyed many yards of peasants and manor house.The same fate befell Izmalkovo.It remains a mystery why the French spared church in Peredelkino.Despite the fact that most of the stolen property, the most valuable relics were saved, thanks to the abbot John Yakovlev, who had the main relics buried in the ground.

In 1815 the village built a stone Transfiguration Church.This building is considered to be a shining example of classicism.

when the manor was owned by the Bode-Kolycheva, the appearance of the structure has changed.On the building of the temple there were elements of artistic art of the XVII century.From that built up our time "live" keeled portal holy gates and the iconostasis of the XVII century.Wall painting, choirs are by 1950.

Church of the Transfiguration in Peredelkino

after the revolution After the Revolution, the shrine (oddly enough) was not destroyed.In 1924, going to close the church, it was already decided, but for some reason did not.

Residence Patriarch

In 1952 in Peredelkino happened solemn event.This historic site was the official residence of the Patriarch of All Russia, who, I must say, loved this place with all my heart.Creation of residence of the Patriarch if breathed new life in Peredelkino.Transfiguration Church was renovated.Not far away there was a cemetery.It found eternal rest many famous people - priests, writers (Chukovski, Boris Pasternak and others).

Transfiguration shrine since 1991 farmstead became Patriarch.

Temple Igor of Chernigov in Peredelkino

This wonderful idea of ​​building a church near the Patriarch's residence - the merit of Patriarch Alexy II.It approved the original project in 2005 and decided to consecrate the church in the name of Prince Igor of Chernigov and Kiev.Alexy II personally chose the best place and blessed the beginning of the construction of the temple.

After four years of hard work of the best masters new church got our capital, the magnificent Moscow.Peredelkino decorated exquisite temple-tower, which combines elements of many styles of Russian architecture.

Porcelain head crowned with crosses of different colors of enormous size.Facades finished with colorful majolica rich, give a sense of joy.The temple stands on a hill, and its original form, freshness and unusual architectural solutions consistently attracted the eyes of the guests.

many historical monuments famous Moscow.Peredelkino is now rightly proud of the temple built in modern times.The interior of its unusual artistic design and form.It gives an extraordinary feeling of spaciousness and wide-open, light and latitude, filled with joy and light.

semantic center of the church in Peredelkino, indeed, in all Orthodox churches - white, gold-plated ceramic iconostasis.With him perfectly in tune with the images reliquaries made in the same style.Belt ornament visually divide the walls into sectors, emphasizing their whiteness, and adding a touch of fabulousness.

In January 2010, His Holiness Patriarch consecrated stone laid in the foundation of the church in Peredelkino.

17 June 2012 cathedral church Igor of Chernigov in Peredelkino was consecrated and served the first liturgy.


Temple Church is designed for 1200 worshipers.Just as Christ the Savior Cathedral, the cathedral in Peredelkino has stylobate part and plinth.

authors designed a porcelain dome, long sought solution to a seemingly intractable problem - how to create original domes of churches that would radically different from the others, and thus would be reliable and durable.

temple central dome has a diameter of 10 meters.Its main color is bright blue, goes well with other colors.

to the temple is adjacent park and garden ensemble with surviving miraculously part of the old buildings and the obelisk dedicated to famous personalities from the boyar family Kolychevs, which belonged to Philip - the primate of the Orthodox Church of Russia in the XVI century.

This is one of the most revered and beloved saints in our country.The descendants of the saint, Kolycheva made own name and place of worship of the temple of the memory of saints.

Monument Grand Duke

front of the temple on the square is a monument to Grand Prince Igor, and St. Philip.Both saints were victims of political struggle.The monument symbolizes their unity, strength of spirit in the tragic moments of Russian history.In June 2013, the monument was dedicated.

magnificent temple in Peredelkino is a shining example of modern church architecture.The work of many people, to design and build this temple, to invest in this sacred cause of his talent, the soul of prayer, strength and knowledge appreciated by ordinary believers and clergy.Today the church in Peredelkino has directed beautifully majestic domes skyward, its beauty attracts the attention and the hearts of Christians.