Maxim marigolds - Biography and personal life of a businessman

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Today we look at the biography of a businessman who became the idol of many Russians, including those not directly related to business.The fact that Maxim marigolds - a rare example of a man who sold himself "from scratch" without "connections and acquaintances" at the highest echelons of power, and not owning access to oil wells.He started with pritorgovyvaniya pirated software, continued business selling electronics, then engaged in banking activities.Having become a significant figure in the community, he became to realize themselves as the leader of social initiatives, as a participant in the political process.Marigold, which is important, supporter of family values.His personality - a combination of experience, success and design began.

enterprising horoshist

Marigold Maxim - Muscovite, born in 1977.His first view of earnings has been selling copies of software for the computer BK-0010.While the future businessman was in ninth grade, and quite successfully - to four and five.Proceeds from the sales program was small, but allowed Maxim significantly increase their wealth against a background of their peers.

Marigold as a whole was a fan of computer engineering: programming, attending youth programs in computer science at the House of Pioneers.After graduation (1993) Marigold enters the MSTU.Bauman.He learned not there two courses and decided to go to a sabbatical, without passing the last remaining exam.First Maxim planned to return to school after six months, but he lured the prospects of opening their own business.

first steps in business

In 1995, Maxim decides to leave school, preferring college life business.He became engaged in sales of phones with Caller ID by opening the Company "Maxus".The company's turnover reached 10 thousand. Dollars a month, and his first million dollars Marigold earned in 1997, when he was 20 years old.In the same year he was going to study at the Moscow Business School MIRBIS.In 2004, converts the Marigold "Maxus" a group of companies under the new brand - "The Messenger", becoming its president.

Maxim New business associates with mobile phone sales, as demand for landline phones, the feelings entrepreneur fell.To market the brand "The Messenger" has not been by the time the new: the first salon with the same name Maxim marigolds opened in 2002.New business was intended to compete with the "Euroset", who worked in the segment of sales of mobile phones a few years.


In 2008, Maxim begins to cooperate with the bank "KIT Finance".The plan was to deploy a network of supermarkets to provide financial services, but could not implement its plans due to the economic crisis nagryanuvshaya.However, the businessman decided to respond to the situation of "asymmetric" personally been engaged in banking activities.In 2010, a group of companies "The Messenger" is "Promtorgbank."In 2011 Marigold creates a new trading business - online store for consumer electronics under the brand Enter.

noteworthy that the entrepreneur has made the right to sell products under the trademarks of Apple, without using intermediaries channels.Have Nogotkova and "non-core" businesses - jewelry chain Pandora.Despite the large number of projects related to entrepreneurship, Maxim in interviews repeatedly said low relevance for himself the money factor: earning the same million to 20 years, he was able to buy everything in accordance with the appropriate level of consumption.

Business is not without politics

Biography Maxim Nogotkova includes social and political activities.In the elections of the President of Russia in 2012, he worked in the team businessman Mikhail Prokhorov in a post trustee.Marigold took part in public life, opening the Park of Arts "Nikola-slothful" in the village of the same name.Entrepreneur met people from there in 2007, and then repeatedly came to this place.Later, he began to support the art festival "Archstoyanie", on the basis of which it is planned to create a platform "ArhPolis."The personal competence Maxim - strategic development of this project.Businessman sees great potential in the Russian architects, artists and designers.The plans of the entrepreneur - to create projects related to the development of the Institute of e-democracy.In 2012, he invested $ 1 million in the project "Yopolis» (your police) - site where citizens will be able to raise their concerns on the development of the city, to send ideas to the authorities, to offer improvement of administrative structures.

On top tops

In 2008, the businessman went to a group of senior management "KIT Finance" and was appointed Chief Executive Officer.In his charge was to control the retail focus of the Bank.Now this structure - the key to the development strategy of "KIT Finance", which is caused by the rapid growth of this market segment.At current positions Maxim marigolds creates a network connection with the sale of financial services.Among the most important tasks - expanding range of banking products and improving sales channels.

Priority will be given the development of cooperative programs with partners, which will allow more dynamically expand the network.In the group of companies "The Messenger" and "KIT Finance" signed an agreement on the project in the lending segment.In the market there is a new banking product, including the sale of cards, issuing consumer loans and other services.The project is planned investment of 80 million dollars.

Much achieving

After taking undeniably high positions in business and management structures of large corporations, this could not calm down such human activities as the Maxim marigolds.Biography entrepreneur, in addition to the fact that 20, he became a dollar millionaire, includes a number of other noteworthy information.In 2006 he entered the list of 33 most successful men up to 33 years (according to the business magazine "Finance").At the time of this ranking state Maxim was estimated at $ 500 million.In 2010, Marigold became the winner of the contest "Entrepreneur of the Year", which was organized by the largest audit corporation Ernst & amp; Young.In 2013, the state of the businessman was estimated at 1.3 billion dollars (according to the portal Maxim Nogotkova and the success of his business had created a lot of media materials, including a variety of videos.

family man

Maxim marigolds - comes from a simple family.His father is an engineer, his mother - a doctor.My sister works in a "family" of the company - "The Messenger".The entrepreneur is married to Mary Hayward, who lived a long time in England and owned businesses related to tourism.The wife of Maxim Nogotkova in 2012 opened a shop Oldich Dress & amp; Drink.It sells vintage clothing, home furnishings and other things.This kind of business is very different from those held by Maxim marigolds.Photo unusual for Russian goods entice visitors already from windows.

The main idea of ​​this institution - to abandon the theme of retro-style Soviet times.Maria likes to point out that the store promotes the English style and basically should not be similar to anything Russian.The target audience of customers business woman sees expatriates - citizens of foreign countries, who live and work in Moscow.The main language of communication with the guests of the store, including an online conversation - English.Maxim and Marie have three sons.Businessman dreaming about making his kids did not emigrate from Russia.

principal rival in the Russian business environment, there was a tacit confrontation between the major trading brands of mobile devices segment - "The Messenger" and "Euroset".The experts noted a big difference in the business philosophy of the founders of both companies - Nogotkova Maxim and Evgeny Chichvarkin.First, for example, was a supporter of good relations with suppliers of mobile devices, the second famous for a different approach, why manufacturers often refuse to enter into a "Euroset" contracts.

Several vendors happy appearance of a "liaison" as a competitor brand Chichvarkin.Marigold never broken a contract, and the discipline of "Euroset" in the financial plan does not have a high level.According to many market players, Maxim was noticeably polite Eugene could speak fluently in English.Chichvarkin competition called "accommodating", while preferred in dealing with vendors itself determine the policy of prices and assortment.

Lips hero

business philosophy Nogotkova - a storehouse of useful instruction for young entrepreneurs.Maxim said, for example, that the secret of success is to find people with the right motivation and give them a job at the right places.The ability to communicate, according to Nogotkova with people - is more important than any technology.In philosophy, there is no category of errors businessman.He believes that there is a problem of selection and development.Maxim marigolds sure that did not allow a single mistake in the business.

At the same time a businessman likes to point out that most of his projects have arisen as a result of accidental individual meetings and conversations.Everyone, according to Nogotkova has strengths and weaknesses.Trying to find someone who is good in all respects, says the entrepreneur, it is impossible.He picks up people in your team with the expectation that two different people may compensate for each other's shortcomings.