How to increase the clearance of "Chevrolet Lacetti"?

Passenger car "Chevrolet Lacetti" known in Russia for a long time.For all his considerable period of many liked it for its reliability, simplicity in service, interesting design, and many other qualities.However, despite the excellent inherent "Chevrolet Lacetti" performance, clearance of this vehicle is not the best for the Russian roads.This, perhaps, is the main obstacle for its acquisition in the Russian market.And that at one point not to damage the bottom, along with the details of the suspension, increase the clearance of many motorists.

«Chevrolet Lacetti" in your passport has ground clearance of 145 millimeters, and if you include the crankcase, which is a must on our roads, all 125. Agree 12.5 centimeters - is negligible clearance for the Russian roads.And suddenly to "catch" a hole at the exit of the court below, we look at a few ways to increase ride height.

Put the larger diameter tire

This is one of the most popular ways of tuning, which in some way could solve the problem of cleara

nce.Fans styling often mounted in place of standard steel wheels large 17-inch low-profile tires.Yes, outwardly it looks pretty impressive, but if you miscalculate with the size (and the majority of these tires are wider than the standard), you can play a cruel joke with the handling.When installing large-diameter wheels there is a risk that they simply do not vlezut in the wheel arches or the steering will be complicated.Therefore it is very important to count all the nuances and dimensions.

We modernize shock

This method will be more efficient and effective than the first, although it does not make adjustments in the appearance of the car.If our task is how to increase the clearance of "Chevrolet Lacetti", we need to insert a shock absorber between the turns of the gasket.This significantly decreases the course of the spring, so the ride height will increase by at least 2-3 cm.But at the same time it must be remembered that if the spring travel is reduced, the suspension will be very, very tight, so as a variant of this method of considering only the desperate motorists.Although the effectiveness of this method are obvious.

How to increase the clearance of "Chevrolet Lacetti", the rubber spacers

This is probably the fastest and most importantly, harmless to the driving characteristics of the car mode.These inserts can be purchased at almost any store or on the market for a very affordable price.They are installed in the car for 20-25 minutes while increasing the clearance "Chevrolet Lacetti" is from 3 to 8 centimeters, depending on the selected spacers.They are made from durable and wear-resistant rubber, which is based on metal.This achieves maximum strength and endurance spacers.They hold at least 50-100 thousand kilometers, then subside several centimeters.Alternatively, the installation of such spacers can be considered, especially if the clearance "Chevrolet Lacetti" is 14-12.5 cm.