What is it - the longest river in the world?

Have you ever wondered what it looks like the longest river in the world?And the deepest river?But the ancient civilization created here, on the banks of large rivers, and existed only through constant source of fresh water.

Rivers and lakes in ancient times, is the only available source of fresh water.That is why almost all the great states created near these sources.Mesopotamia, Egypt, India.History of the base of each of these ancient civilizations, one way or another connected with rivers.But did you know that is the longest river in the world?And what about the deepest?This information will be useful to everyone interested in the person.

longest river in the world

In fact, until recently, the issue remained unresolved.It was believed that it was the Nile - the longest river in the world.It was here at the time there were first settlements, which are then expanded and formed one of the most famous ancient states - Egypt.The history and traditions of this civilization are studied to this day.But precisely because of the annual flooding of the Nile River and the existence of the state was made possible.

began its river takes on the East African highlands and empties into the Mediterranean Sea.The length of the Nile is about 6852 kilometers.

But the longest river in the world - the Amazon.To date, the data is quite accurate.The length of the river is 6992 km (only a few kilometers longer than the Nile).Most of the river is in the territory of modern Brazil, but it also flows through Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, falling into the Atlantic Ocean.By the way, the Amazon constitutes the world's largest delta.

longest river in the world is also interesting is shrouded in legend.It is believed that the first Europeans to set foot on the land, people were Francisco de Orellana.There is a legend that says that lived on the banks of an ancient and powerful tribe of Amazons - female warriors.By the way, in their honor and was named the river.Though, to tell the truth, few modern historians are inclined to this version.It is believed that the Europeans met with any Indian tribe (most men wore long hair), or with their wives.

deepest river in the world

interesting that on the African continent are two unique river - the Nile (one of the longest) and the Congo, which is today considered the deepest.The length of the river is 4,700 kilometers.In a place where the Congo empties into the Atlantic Ocean, the depth of the river is more than 230 meters.Another interesting fact - Congo, the world's only river that crosses the equator twice.

River owes its name to an ancient and powerful kingdom of Congo, which once existed on its banks.As far as the European discoverer, they became a Portuguese explorer Diogo Kahn, who stepped on the bank of the river in 1482.

biggest river in Europe

Although the rivers of Europe are more modest in size, however, they are also learning interesting.Today it is believed that the largest European river is the Volga, whose origins are in the Valdai Hills.And Volga also has its own legends and history.For example, at one time through it got over the Mongol-Tatar invaders.Already in the eighth century, the river was an important trade route between western and eastern states.And in 1667 it was on the Volga rock Stepan Razin was considering ways of liberation of the Russian people.

second longest river - the Danube is, the length of which is 2960 kilometers.The origin of the river takes in the German mountains and flows into the Black Sea.The earliest references were found in the ancient historian Herodotus.In those days the river was called Istres, and the banks it was the residence of the Celtic tribes.

today often called the Danube an international river.Indeed, on its shores it was built a lot of big, important cities, including Vienna, Linz, Regensburg, Budapest, Bratislava, Ruse, Belgrade and Galati.