Parental Saturday in October, November 2014.

Parental Saturday, as a day dedicated especially for ritual commemoration of the dead, known in Russian by two intertwined types of ceremonies, going back to, in fact, the Slavic culture and Orthodox-Byzantine.Thus, Russia is not always popular traditions coincide with the commemoration of the dead church rituals.

So, the basic parental Saturday in 2015 have floating date, 7 of them are confined to the religious holidays, and only one parent has recorded Saturday afternoon.This May 9, the day of commemoration of the dead soldiers.

Funeral services and cemeteries

very name of Saturday was most likely due to the fact that the deceased ancestors and relatives called the "parents."According to another version, the name came from the commemoration of the Christians a priority of his parents.

Whatever it was, these days in the churches committed special service - the memorial service.Requiem (in Greek "Vespers") is a memorial service in which people pray for the repose of the dead and ask God to forgive their sins of the dead and show them leniency.The parent

Saturday, there is another tradition - to visit the graves of relatives and friends in the cemetery.

Two SATURDAY in 2015, as in all other years are called ecumenical.These days the church commemorates the prayers of all the baptized are absolutely dead.They are Meatfare Saturday - SATURDAY 2015 falls on February 14, a week before Lent.Second - Saturday Trinity, going on the eve of Pentecost.This SATURDAY 2015 falls on May 30.

"floating" on the two-month parental Saturday

There are also commemorative dates fall on different months because of its attachment to the Julian calendar.One of these dates is Demetrius SATURDAY.This is due to the timing of her addiction to day memory Demetrius, celebrated October 26, Old Style (or 8 November and new style).Thus, the parent falls Saturday or on November or in October.

These days the priests strongly recommend the faithful present at the general prayer in the temple, explaining that the offering greater good dead, but certainly necessary in the near future and visit the cemetery.

remaining SATURDAY 2015, as in every other year, is the date the private commemoration of the dead.

tradition to visit the cemetery these days is folk.The Church does not protest against it, but recommends that before going to the cemetery to visit the first funeral service.

Orthodox calendar SATURDAY 2015

SATURDAY in 2015 allocated according to the canons of the Church as follows:

  • Saturday Meatfare (THE SATURDAY) celebrated on February 14.
  • Saturday 2 nd week of Lent is ranked 7th of March.
  • Saturday 3rd Week of Lent - 14 March.
  • Saturday 4th week of Lent celebrated on March 21.
  • Radonitsa falls on April 21.
  • Commemoration of the dead soldiers - 9 May.
  • Saturday Trinity set May 30.
  • Saturday Demetrius celebrated on 7 November.

Thus, then each parent Saturday, passing in 2015, will be considered separately.

Saturday Meatfare called THE SATURDAY, held February 14

That Saturday was in the ancient day of remembrance of the dead.Establishment of Cheese-fare Saturday on the eve of Lent refer to the apostolic tradition of the congregation of Christian believers in the cemeteries at a certain time.On Sunday Carnival - Cheese Week - Orthodox Church performs ceremonies of remembrance of the Second Coming of Christ, and the day before you want to reconnect all the living and the people who lived on the ground for a meeting of the Last Judgment.

Vsetserkovnoe solemn commemoration of this day brings immeasurable benefit of the deceased relatives, as an immortal soul after the loss of the body most in need of prayer, because it can not do good works itself.

At home at the memorial dinner the whole family.Dinner preceded by a thorough cleaning of the house and yard, as well as the preparation of a large number of dishes.For privechaniya and treat the souls of ancestors put dishes on the table with the grain, into which the candle.Souls lay the food in a separate dish, pour vodka and kvass, and after dinner, the dishes are not clean until the morning.

In some places, this SATURDAY associated with the lighting of the lights on the graves of relatives with the purpose of nature awakening to a new life.

Saturday the second, third and fourth week of Lent

According to the charter of Christian Orthodox churches during Lent can not be committed memorial services - lithium, requiem, litanies, Prayers, and the commemoration of the third, ninth and fortieth day since the death of.Especially for such rites of the Church highlighted Saturday the second, third and fourth weeks of Lent.

Thus, the second SATURDAY in 2015 falls on March 7.Saturday March 14 takes 3rd Week, as of March 21 falls Saturday 4th Week.

April 21, 2015 - Radonitsa

Represents East Slavic holiday of All Souls, passing spring.It falls on Tuesday St. Thomas week and in some places is called Red Hill.According to the Russian Orthodox tradition, the first day after the Passover commemoration, since until the ninth day memorial services not performed.In Belarus - regular holiday.

This pagan holiday, there are many component parts, including - a tradition to commemorate their ancestors in the cemetery of alcohol.Some brought by on the graves of food eaten, the other gave to the poor, and the third was left on the graves.

Radonitsa - day rich trappings.Particular attention was paid to signs approaching rain.

May 9 is the day of commemoration of the dead soldiers

This date is fixed in the calendar is fixed and never changes.This - the Day of Victory in World War II.May 9, after the Liturgy of the Church, a memorial service for the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for their country.

May 30 - the Universal Trinity Saturday

second Saturday, in which the Christian Church remembers perfectly all baptized people to Christianity.Held on Saturday that precedes Pentecost - Trinity.On this day in churches serve as a special - Ecumenical memorial service.

is one of the most revered date in Russia and Belarus.The people visiting the cemetery, cleaned and decorated the tombs communicated with the souls of relatives and collected ritual meal.According to Slavic folklore, the day mermaids, goblins, water leave their habitat and their homes are located close to the people.To scare away evil spirits youth burned ceremonial fires.

November 7 - Demetrius SATURDAY

This memorial day is celebrated a week before November 8 - Day of Remembrance for Demetrius.In particular, if the day of remembrance of the saint falls on a Saturday, then the parent is considered to be the last.

value Souls Day special she was given after the victory of Russian troops in the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380 and was originally designed specifically for the commemoration of soldiers killed in the battle.But by the 15th century in the annals of her novogorodskoy mentioned as a day of general mourning.

It is SATURDAY in November 2015.By tradition, the Saturday before Dmitriev day celebrated farewell wake for ancestors, and she Dmitrovskaya week called grandfathers.In some areas of Belarus commemoration, celebrating on Friday, were meatless ("grandfathers"), and on Saturday - Skoromniy ("broads").

During the general memorial home meal adult family members recited the prayer for the repose, remembering all the family members to the seventh generation, inclusive.At the head of the table sat the head of the family - grandfather or a man - and then all took their seats in order of seniority.Strict observance of this principle is related to believe that death takes away before the one who sits down before a memorial table.Women sit at the table on the left side of the entrance to the house, the men - on the right.Babies was covered with a separate table.

Sometimes the parent Saturday in October.Her ritual is no different from that in the November Remembrance.At the funeral dinner prepared an odd number of dishes, including the indispensable first dish and kutia was prepared from barley or rice cereal.At the end of dinner candles quenched with a loaf of bread.

SATURDAY in November 2015 allows the use of alcohol.Alcohol on the memorial table always exhibited - it was vodka, beer, mead.Also, the spirits of ancestors cast one-third of each filled glasses or cups.

Pass will also SATURDAY October 2015.This Saturday on the eve of the Protection of the parent, in this year falls on the 10th of October.It is celebrated in only a few regions of Russia and is associated with a prayer for the dead soldiers who laid their lives for the faith and the Fatherland in a battle near Kazan in 1552.

short note about notes

evening in all the churches on the eve of the Sabbath parent parastas are served - grand memorial service.SATURDAY itself begins the morning memorial Divine Liturgy, followed by a memorial service overall.On parastas or liturgy can be submitted notes to the commemoration of the relatives.There is also an old church tradition of bringing the congregation into the temple of lean food or Cahors wine for the liturgy.