On the threshold of a great age, or old age

Paradoxically, we begin to age from the moment of our birth.First, the process we call growth, then - growing up.The concept of age is associated with periods of human life.And now comes the time when we realize that old age is already very close.The first impulse - resistance, insatiable desire to stop this process.Even knowing the inevitability of old age, people are still desperately looking for a magic cure for it.

A wise man once said: "Let's start will not shorten your life, and then begin to look for how to lengthen."That this rule and guided in its activities healers East.People are not able to grow old, but age beautifully them under force.After all, his advanced age - does not mean decrepit old age.

scientists, gerontologists argue that the aging program were laid senility and age-related diseases.And if a person lived in accordance with the laws of nature, it would have lived out up to two hundred years.In this elderly man could perform their main function normally.This is the case in the wild.Pets up to his death in a position to feed themselves and reproduce, besides their appearance is not affected by senile deformation.

Why not us?

Science has identified two types of aging: physiological and pathological.The first type was described above.But diseases caused by pathological aging - what we see around us.But this can be combated!A man and does not represent what has hidden reserves.In principle, we do not know your body and treat him badly, that paying for the aging and premature death.

Three factors affect the rate of aging:

1. Human Genes.The information we receive from our ancestors

2. Social conditions.The level of development of society is very strongly influences life expectancy.In countries with a high level of style of life of the elderly is virtually identical to the style typical of people in middle age.Old age - not an obstacle to an active lifestyle.On the contrary, it is an opportunity to do so at that time did not exist before.It's time to do what you want!You can travel, attend concerts, exhibitions, learn a new craft, etc.

3. Lifestyle each of us.This factor, though the last in the list, but not the last in importance.People who eat right, leading an active life, funny and cheerful, look better and live longer than others.

Of course, you can not not take into account genetic factors.But mostly the potential in us laid about the same.And the others get what they deserve.

cause premature aging of the bad habits and inclinations: overeating (overweight), unhealthy foods (high blood cholesterol), drinking alcohol, smoking, etc.If we exclude them from our lives, the aging process will take for a given program, and we will meet old age without heart attacks, without diseases of the movement without dementia.

Thanks to modern techniques, allowing to determine the biological age of the various human organs revealed that the diseases of old age is much "rejuvenated".This primarily refers to the cardiovascular system.Most middle-aged people have a heart of seventy years old.This is the price paid for the mad pace of modern life, for staying in constant tension and stress.

Old age - it is not a diagnosis or disease.If you want to keep activity for years to come, examine your life.Get rid of the bad habits that destroy your body.Engage in physical activity, which will not only strengthen your body but also the spirit hardened.