How to download press to remove belly fat?

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Anyone dreaming of the embossing press, sooner or later asks, "How to remove a stomach?" Diet and exercise - are the two ingredients for success.The diet eliminates excess fat, and exercise will help pump up your "cubes".By the way, the press can be a relief to see clearly at 10% (or less) fat content in the body.It is to this figure we must strive.

diet can choose any, but it is important to observe the following rules:

1. Lack of yeast used products.Yeast - one of the main causes of fat in the abdominal area.They only increase the fat reserves.They should therefore be completely excluded.

2. Eating fruits and vegetables.The information contained in these tissue to accelerate the fat burning process.In addition, fruits and vegetables perfectly satisfy hunger.

3. Lack of sugar.This salt is prohibited.It can be eaten with vegetables.

4. Compliance with the water regime.Do not wash down the food with water!After ingestion of water with food the body at an accelerated pace begins to store nutrients, converting them into body fat.The liquid can be used after a couple of hours after a meal or 20 minutes before a meal.

Learn how to properly swing a press to remove the stomach, can be turned to personal trainer.Not only does it make the individual program, but will also monitor the entire training process.This is the shortest way to a flat stomach and relief.The only negative - a fairly high cost of personal training.

If the budget has no money to spare, and you have decided on their own to figure out how to swing a press to remove the stomach, start with a study of the anatomical structure of the abdominal muscles.Simply put, the press consists of the rectus, conventionally divided into upper and lower part, and oblique muscles.During training, each of them should receive accented load.

now move on to the exercises:

  1. Upper Division.Lie on your back, raise arms perpendicular to the floor so that the tips of the fingers were directed at the ceiling, bend your knees.On the inhale pull up the body, keeping your lower back on the floor.Then slowly omit it.We do 7-10 reps.
  2. obliques.Lie on your back, hands clasped in castle, refineries head.On the inhale lift the left knee to the left elbow to touch.The same is true for the right side.We do 7-10 reps.
  3. Lower Division.Lie on your back, hands are placed parallel to the body, bend your knees.Doing breath rises upward bent knees and slowly omit them.We do 7-10 reps.

Many people, after reading the description of the exercise, they think they understood how to swing a press to remove the stomach, and have mastered the technical component.But it is better to reread the description a few times and to be 100% sure of the proper technique execution.Improper technique not only did not bring the desired effect, but also can cause pain and discomfort.

During the workout was not bored, you can do the exercises for the press to the music.Music should set the pace and raise your motivation.Keep this in mind when selecting tracks.

Finally, even if you now know how to swing a press to remove the stomach, do not just give your body a serious load.Start small and gradually increase your exercise duration and intensity.And, of course, important to regularly!Skipping a workout, you take a step back from his goal - a beautiful and relief of the press.