Cervical Cancer: the botanical and culinary interpretation of the term

Some names in any language can have several meanings.For example, cancer of the cervix.Most often, the phrase carries a load of cooking: they call the largest portion of crayfish - their tail.However, this term has a botanical value.In this article we will find out the details of the use of the term "cervical cancer" in both senses.

variety of salads

First of all, focus on chef's hand rachih necks.The most familiar to us - decoction crayfish in salted water with dill somewhere on a picnic or after successful fishing.At home, the same conditions, have purchasing of cut "for parts" of cancers, most of them are preparing all sorts of snacks.The ingredients in them can be very different, as long as it is composed of cervical cancer - a salad with them is guaranteed to be a success.Since the main product is very tolerant, it can connect with almost anything.Here are some examples of the most elegant and uncomplicated salad.

Inexpensive but delicious

Almost budget option, since it placed canned crayfish (jar weighing 300 g).They boiled 5 eggs, finely chopped that;clean and crumbles small onion;rubbed with 200 grams of cheese.To construct a layered salad: decomposed eggs, sprinkled with onions (do not like the smell or sound too bitter - pre-scald; vinegar is best not to soak).The design is smeared with mayonnaise;it placed cervical cancer, they are sprinkled with grated cheese.Construction again with mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated white and chopped herbs and decorated with sliced ​​olives.

gourmet snacks

For it is better to boil 200 grams of necks, but you can take and canned.Included are small celery root, noble "blue" cheese (100 grams rather), the same good ham.All except necks, cut roughly equal pieces.Olive oil and balsamic vinegar (2 tablespoons large), the juice of one lemon and one small bundle of cilantro and pomegranate dressing made - facilitate the work of the blender.She watered snack laid on top of capers and crawfish - salad can be consumed with pleasure after an hour of incubation in the refrigerator.

Olivier how he looked before

Around the famous "meat salad" was originally also included crayfish.And in general it was a very expensive meal.For him, one serving Burke grouse, its meat is roasted in olive (a must!) Oil.Three crawfish boil, not in water but in broth.A plate lined with lettuce leaves on it - two chips cooked potatoes, grated cucumber and a teaspoon of capers.Upstairs housed Ryabchikova slices, neck, olives - all watered with mayonnaise.Very expensive and very tasty!

delicacy in the test

However salads - not all dishes which successfully "fit" of cervical cancer.Recipes dishes with them quite diverse.For example, you can cook a meal: Beat egg, add a spoonful of flour and beat again.Separately, rub a little butter, with salt put into the batter and stirred.Boil 20 necks, each immersed in the composition and fry.When a dish is poured melted butter or sauce - tomato or cancer.

Crayfish cream sauce

The food is difficult to prepare the sauce.For him, it fired 100 g of oil, which until soft pripuskayut half a cup chopped bell peppers, celery and onions.Following are seasoned with a large spoon of paprika, a little - dried garlic, half - red pepper.After stirring, pour white wine (3 tbsp. L.) And sherry (1 tbsp. L.), And the sauce boils slowly.In a little bit, giving the time of the dissolution, laid 400 g cream cheese (can substitute cottage cheese fatter).When the mass Prokip to homogeneity, it lays the shelled crayfish - sauce enough volume to 800 grams After 5 minutes, the contents of the pan is poured into a beautiful dish, salted, flavored with herbs and rushes on the table.

«Cervical Cancer" in the wild

As fans of Botany of the people is much less than fans of a tasty meal, few people know that "cervical cancer" - flowers, with the scientific name of the mountaineer snake (also known as the coil).It grows on forest edges, damp, poorly heated by the sun and the meadows along the banks of medium-sized lakes and rivers.Pretty good, this plant is familiar to doctors, pharmacists and healers, because it is used as a remedy for diarrhea and to stop bleeding, including for washing and disinfection of burns and wounds.Often decoction of Polygonum recommended as a gargle for gingivitis and stomatitis, as has anti-inflammatory action.

Room "crayfish»

flower is also called Decembrist or rozhdestvennikom as blooms around Christmas.This is the time of flowering might seem strange, because the plant is still tropical, but it is worth remembering that his homeland - Brazil, where in December actually summer.The scientific name is quite difficult vygovarivaemo: Zigokaktus Schlumberger, so that more is still popular "cervical cancer."Flower constantly pleases hosts abundant flowering, and plant breeders regularly displays all the new shades.They love him growers and ruggedness, and long life - 15 years for it is not the limit.Of course, certain subtleties in the care of this cactus are available, but if they take into account your pet will bloom throughout his life.

As you can see, and crayfish dishes - an enormous set, and the plant is the name is not one.Choose what you are interested in it!