Calla: the birthplace of the plant.

Elegant Calla - one of the finest representatives of the family Araceae on the planet.The unusual shape of a flower and a variety of colors, which nature has generously endowed the plant made it a kind of a symbol of beauty, chastity and greatness.This is confirmed by the high popularity of the flower from florists - it is indispensable in creating bridal bouquets.Homeland calla - South Africa, the cradle of many exotic species of the family Araceae.In Greek the name means "beautiful."It is hard to imagine a more expressive term to describe the emotions that cause the plant.Let's talk about the features of the flower and his preferences, listen to professional advice on growing calla lilies.We learn about the most optimal way of reproduction culture.

Calla: description of the type of plant, maintenance, care

poets of all times have glorified the beauty and tenderness of calla lilies.Regardless of the selection of features plants, flowers are characterized by straight lines and long petioles broad basal leaves that grow from thick rhizomes.The inflorescence is composed of ear and bedspreads, is located on the leafless steble- "wise."The veil is a luxurious bright, resembling a funnel, bract that surrounds a small cob, entirely covered with small flowers.Single bright green leaves in the shape of arrowheads reach 8-15 cm long and 5-10 cm wide.Leaf Color flat, some species are characterized by bright splashes.Cultivation calla lilies in the garden or at home brings a wonderful sense of touch to the creation of a small miracle - a magnificent plant.

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Cultivation calla

Despite its high decorative, these flowers are not very demanding, but certain conditions that dictate a plant, you need to perform to get a really great healthy copies.Unpretentious and enduring culture grows in any soil, but prefers light breathable neutral supeschaniki or loam.Well-fertilized organic, fertile soil - the key to successful and fast growing culture.Breeding callas possible methods of vegetative (bulb division) or by seeds.

Planting bulbs

cultivation of calla bulbs is the easiest way to get a beautiful flowering plant, perfectly acclimatized in the garden.Callas well multiply the rhizome division.The bulb, not a proper root (the correct name - the rhizome), while accumulating an adequate supply of nutrients, releasing the germ, which, with the development turns into the same stem, which bloom elegant flower.Like many bulbs, calla lilies multiply due to the formation of new children-bulblets.Under good growing conditions feces can spread over a large area of ​​the site.That's in the wild growing Calla.Homeland plants - the South African savannah instilled Kalam incredible stamina and a high ability to reproduce.Therefore, this process is run on a garden site can not be necessary to periodically dig up extra bulbs, or culture will be divided permanently and flowers over time grow shallow and lose decorative qualities.

Calla: all about the plant, rules of care and cultivation

Landing calla bulbs - a simple process.They are unpretentious and take root in any soil, provided that it is well-drained.Rhizome rot, so the breathability required for proper development of the plant.Requirements to the site for planting: the place should be sunny, small periodic shading possible, it imposed the culture of peace.The bulbs are planted in a row horizontally Donets down, germinating shoots up into the prepared small hole depth of 10 cm at intervals of 0.15 m from each other.Landings generously shed in order to facilitate rooting.Place of birth of every culture defines the conditions of its growth.And calla.Homeland plants - the hot tropics, so all kinds of callas - Southerners, ill carrying the slightest frost, and moderate Russian latitude, where the air temperature falls below 0 C °, are inappropriate for planting these crops.

Seeds and seedlings

Planting seeds for planting calla precedes their germination: the best way to accelerate the process of obtaining seedlings.It's simple: on a flat plate or saucer in the folded wet paper towel to place the seeds and put into the cool, dark place.It is necessary to maintain a certain humidity level napkins, avoiding excessive wetting or drying, which may lead to rot.Show signs of growth seeds have a few days.Choosing hatched seedlings start to planting.

planting seedlings

Sowing the seeds for seedlings is carried out in small pots or containers.If garden soil for planting is not harvested, you can buy ready-made soil at the store gardening supplies.The optimal sowing seeds in a pair of one container (with a deep 1 cm).Abundant watering is not allowed - at this stage is still a great danger of rotting.So moisturize the soil should be moderately.And it's better to do it through the hole at the bottom of the pot.The emergence of shoots - the second stage in the cultivation of calla lilies.

For healthy plants strong shoots are left, and the weak and non-intensive colored sprouts must be removed.

Transplant seedlings for permanent

grown and gained strength seedlings can be planted in the prepared place in the garden area.Planting seedlings is not very different from planting bulbs, only the wells should be somewhat deeper, as the roots will require more space to accommodate.

Before planting browsing each seedling, rooting for the best experts recommend to treat the root system solution biostimulator.This should be done carefully, taking care not to injure the roots or cause any other damage to the fragile germ.When transplanting seedlings should be watered calla lilies.The water for irrigation is possible to add a solution of peat-humic fertilizers to avoid diseases and other complications of the new location.

How to care for the flower?

basic rules of care for the flowers is a regular weeding, hoeing and watering the surface.Due attention should be paid to such watering flower like calla.Homeland plants - South Africa - left her mark in the structure of plants.Culture, of course, would require a significant amount of moisture, and will not tolerate dry periods or neglect to the gardener watering - the main aspect of competent care for the flower.The plant should be watered regularly, especially in the summer heat.If the garden area is a small pond, the best option, and the best course would be to split the decorative beds with calla lilies on the waterfront.


Growing Kalle and care it provides for the need for periodic feedings.In southern Russia gardeners professionals reach year-round flowering of culture.A similar effect can be achieved gradual planting of plants, the use of technology literate and rational feeding.It is believed that the calla should receive fertilizer once a year, but this is not enough continuous flowering.Monthly feeding with any additional organic mineral fertilizers provide regular flowering calla.It is important not to overfeed culture and carefully monitor the leaves: blackening edges prompts an excess of nitrogen.Now that you know how to properly care for Cullen, learn about the intricacies of breeding culture in the home.

Room calla

Despite the exotic origin, Calla (the birthplace of the plant - South African tropics) perfectly adapted to life in pots on the windowsill.Preferences culture does not change with the change of growth conditions: growing calla house needs a plentiful watering than free garden views, but the system of direct and dressings changed radically for such plants as calla room.Care, especially its as follows.Houseplants have transplanted into a new soil every year: the depletion of the soil in the pots can provoke the opposite effect of the fertilizer.Potted Calla responsive to monthly fertilizing liquid solutions of complex fertilizers in the summer you need to feed more often - 2 times a week.To maintain the soil in the normal state and to prevent diseases requires the use of peat humic fertilizer use which is necessary in accordance with the instructions attached to the means.


Callas are divided by color tones such varieties: white, red, pink, yellow, blue, purple and black.Symbolizes purity and innocence, surprisingly elegant white calla.The plant - flower, care, cultivation and especially the content of which is not as onerous as it seems at first glance.Calla grateful responds to care and pays handsomely, creating a bright holiday, incredible and amazing.