The capercaillie feeds?

Who's grouse?The more it eats, and lives where?If you want to know the answers to these questions, then read the article.So, what is this bird?

grouse: a description of the feathered handsome

grouse - a large bird Galliformes squad.It belongs to the family of the pheasant.Males reach 6.5 kg in weight, wingspan reaches 1.5 meters, height of over a meter.The color on the head, back, sides and neck dove-gray with small black pattern, abdomen and lower part of the wings are black with white spots and red craw.Females are markedly different.Dimensions they are more compact, the maximum weight of a little more than two kilograms, coloring spotted - in a reddish-yellow color scheme.

Habitat This bird can be considered boled thick coniferous or mixed forests.Capercaillie is quite heavy, so prefers to move at a run through the forest during the day, evening high rises on the tree branches.Flying blind is characterized by frequent heavy beating of wings.In summer grouse prefers solitary life, in the education of the chicks is not involved.In winter cautious birds gather in small groups.

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Reproduction beautiful bird

grouse got its name due to the fact that during the current had engorged with blood and swells the blade inside the hearing aid, and it completely covers, as a result of the previously very careful and attentive grouse becomes dull and easily accessible to hunters and predators.Mating takes place within a month, if all goes well, the female creates a nest on the ground, insulated its branches, feathers, moss and grass.

The shelter is well camouflaged from predators and protected from rain and wind.Within a few days the female lays 6 to 8 eggs and incubates them for about a month.The first few days the chicks hide under the wing of the mother, then quickly learn to disguise and easily in seconds hide from predators so skillfully that not all hunting dogs find them.The female alone protects and takes care of the chicks.When a predator pretending to be wounded, and it distracts from the nest, chick giving time to hide in the bushes.Two weeks later they begin to fly at a short distance.In six weeks the chick is moved as an adult capercaillie.In the fall of fledglings start to lead an independent life, first separated from the nest young males, females later.Power

summer and autumn

The capercaillie eats in summer?The main share of the diet of plant foods, namely flowers, young leaves of shrubs and trees (willow, birch, alder, aspen, etc.), seeds of herbaceous plants, the stems of horsetails and ferns.A smaller part of the menu takes the food of animal origin, such as lizards, spiders, slugs and insects.By the way, the last use in the diet of mostly sick or molting birds.

The fed grouse in the woods in the fall?The diet of the birds during this period are added to the various fruits and berries growing in the spread of trees and shrubs, as well as a delicacy, like a leaf.

Meals in spring and winter

what to eat grouse in winter?The main sources of food are needles of fir, pine, in the absence of other species - spruce.In the early winter in the diet added rowan berries and juniper.With eating roughage bird swallows a larger number of stones intended for grinding food.

what to eat grouse spring?The main diet of fresh greens, buds, blossoms herbs and shrubs, young shoots of trees.

content and nutrition at home

grouse, bird photo which presents higher unpretentious.Birds bred this breed is well at home.In nature, birds are dying because of the constant anxiety in human beings in the territory of nesting, for example, mushroom pickers and berry.Fearful capercaillie chicks malnourished and die.Deforestation, especially in the territory of mating leads to a decrease in nesting birds.It is also influenced by such factors as the number of deposits.With slight snowfall birds can not hide and keep warm in it, so they freeze, destroying a large population of predators.

To keep the bird at home, you need to properly feed her.What does it have to be a diet?

The capercaillie eats at home?Birds unpretentious, eats chopped vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, beets and cabbage, cereals (oats, corn, barley, wheat, buckwheat, sunflower and hemp).Also be sure the diet should prevail usual for her food, that is, needles, deciduous trees, a variety of twigs and buds, fresh leaves and grass.


conclusion Now you know who grouse.Bird photos that you see in our article, feeds mainly on plant food and grain.It can either dwell in the woods and kept at home.