Entrepreneur - a person who set themselves meaningful goals

Entrepreneur - is one of the most important stages on which to climb man striving and thirsting to conquer the top of this as a business.It is this status allows you to open up new opportunities to achieve their goals.Business - it is gaining momentum modern and popular activity, which constitutes the foundation of entrepreneurship.Becoming a brick in the structure lays the foundation for a strong man, first of all, I should have many skills and abilities.Entrepreneur - a person, which are concentrated the following qualities: responsibility, originality, strength, sobriety and logical thinking, the ability to set goals and to achieve them the ability, courage and the ability to take risks, adaptability and many others.It is thanks to these qualities a person can take a step up, turn from a simple worker, performing somebody's order, helping to make a reality of other people's dreams, in an independent personality, which is guided solely by their desires and confronts them their personal goals.

In addition, the entrepreneur - it is also a component of the national economy.That is the subject of market relations.From this perspective, we can say that the person carrying out activities not prohibited by law at your own risk - this is the entrepreneur.This concept also includes the management of this activity on its behalf, under his property and property (monetary) responsibility.At the same time the formation of a legal entity is absolutely not necessary.

Of course, the main purpose of which is put in front of the entrepreneur - is making a profit.It is not surprising that the main economic document that you want to make in order to achieve the desired outcome is a business plan.It try to take into account all the risks and the probability of coincidence of favorable and adverse events, one way or another affect the ultimate goal.Thus any businessman to a greater or lesser extent, uses a variety of benefits, it connects all kinds of manufacturing resources to create a new product, sale, rent or lease that will bring the desired profit.

business registration is carried out in the local executive bodies.To do this, you must write an application, additional application for a simplified registration system to pay state fees.Then you need to register your company to regulatory authorities (tax, Rospotrebnadzor, etc.).It is mandatory to make a seal of the individual entrepreneur and opening a bank account.In addition, you must have a VAT number, which is also available from the tax authorities.There are plenty of companies that will be happy to advise and help in solving the many problems that arise in the course of business.One of the organizations to which you can join to share experiences and receive practical advice, is an association of entrepreneurs.