Classification of occupations will help graduates make a responsible and correct choice

Who to be?What kind of activities want to do later in life?These issues pose of young people after leaving school have the choice of future profession.Someone with a child wanted to be a doctor or a teacher, while other graduates are at a crossroads, not knowing what to become.After all, the world of professions includes about forty thousand different specialties.Defined by choice of life helps Classification of Occupations.

J. Method. Holland

Abroad widespread technique psychology professor John Holland, who introduced a scale fitness personality types to different professional fields.The scheme presented in the form of a hexagon, each node corresponds to a certain character traits and abilities, defining style: realistic, artistic, intellectual, social, enterprising, conventional (generally accepted norms and traditions).This psychological classification of professions to assess the compatibility of the individual to a specific operating environment.

main theory J. Holland - that job satisfaction and career success depends on the type of personality type environment chosen profession.Employees of a certain type of activity creates an environment corresponding to one of six personality types.The study found three professional environment recommended for the selection of future work.The first of these will be the most reflect the type of person, and the second and the third, which are less significant, will help you choose the backup types of professions.

Classification of Occupations by E. Klimov

In domestic psychology prevalent method of EAKlimova, which is determined by the general formula chosen profession.Defines four categories: type, class, department, group of professions.

under this occupational classification is the division into five types:

  1. P. Man - wildlife.It employees to communicate directly with the animals, plants and microorganisms.Typical examples include a microbiologist, an agronomist, a livestock specialist.
  2. T. Man - machinery (or inanimate nature).Areas of activity related to technical objects.Examples: electrician, mechanic, engineer catering.
  3. Ch man - man.Professional domain directly related to population groups, communities of people of different ages and interests.These are teachers, doctors, salesmen.
  4. Z. The man - a sign system.The main objects of activity are symbols, language, formulas, numbers.Example - a linguist, mathematician, a draftsman, a programmer.
  5. H. Man - the artistic image.This type of professions linked to the facts and phenomena of the artistic manifestations of reality.This ballet dancer, actor and artist.

ultimate goal of labor affects the division of classes:

  1. T - Gnostic (from the word "knowledge");
  2. P - converting;
  3. And - survey.

Classification of occupations by type includes a division into sections on the basis of objectives:

  1. manual labor (P);
  2. machine and manual labor (M);
  3. automated work (A);
  4. work function (F).

All professions are divided depending on the conditions of work in four groups, which are not mutually exclusive and may even overlap:

  1. usual living conditions - B.
  2. work outdoors - O.
  3. unusual conditions - N.
  4. increased material and moral responsibility - M.

apply conditional letter designations according to divisions given on various grounds, you can most accurately determine the future profession, reflects the ability, desire and opportunity.It is very important time to understand the mission and purpose in life.