The drug "Spanish Fly": reviews, descriptions, effects and contraindications

means "Spanish Fly", reviews of which is on the discussion forums, known to many fans of aphrodisiacs.It has been used for many centuries, its main advantage - increased sexual desire.At first, the drug "Spanish Fly" is bad for the body and even lead to death.Now everything has changed.Scientists have found the exact concentration, harmless to humans and bears him a favor in the form of a pleasant and active sex life.

means "Spanish Fly", which reviews mostly positive, was named in honor of one species of beetles.Their little bodies contains strong aphrodisiac - cantharidin.Now it is produced by drying and grinding the beetles to a powder.Another way to get a collection of digestive secretions from their mouth.


drug "Spanish Fly", whose price starts at 1,800 rubles, a means of causing severe irritation of tissues.Once in the body it contained irritated cantharidin receptors genitals, increasing blood flow to them.In women it causes a swelling of the vagina, and men - long and powerful erection.In addition, increased genital sensitivity which decreases only after orgasm.

release form

Now let's talk about the form in which the agent is available, "Spanish Fly".Pathogen reach the market in the form of capsules or tinctures, which should be dissolved in the drink (unbeknownst to the partner can be added to alcohol) or water.I feel it can not, as an aphrodisiac is odorless, colorless and tasteless.


need to take the drug an hour before the alleged sexual contact or 5-10 minutes prior to the sexual intercourse.A single dose is 5 milliliters.It can not exceed, it is also prohibited to take the drug more frequently 6 times a month.It is better to reduce the reception of up to 4 times or use a tool only in case of extreme need.Even in small doses, it means very active, so his initial number of selected individually.


drug "Spanish Fly", which write reviews about both women and men, contains toxic ingredients.So never exceed specified on the packaging of the dose and frequency reception.Overdose symptoms: blistering in the mouth, burning and excessive salivation.Also available in uterine bleeding, blood vomiting, thirst, pain in the bladder, kidneys, and when urinating.Men may priapism (a pathological erection).When the above symptoms should immediately stop taking the drug and seek immediate medical attention.


means "Spanish Fly", reviews of which can be found in the advertising booklet has two main Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the components and idiosyncrasy.It should also take into account external factors that can combine with the impact the drug has on the body adverse effects.Do not take means to people with chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, pregnant women and persons under 18 years of age.