How to make furniture improvised their own hands?

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You probably do not just admire the beauty and practicality of the furniture, which is seen in the store.But it happens that sofa that so much, you do not fit the parameters, and the kitchen wall, so harmoniously blends into your interior, too expensive.Do not be upset!There is an excellent option!Making furniture with their hands!

Through this you can:

  1. make furniture of his own design, taking into account the specifics of your home.
  2. Make it the right size and color.
  3. create something unusual and unconventional.
  4. significantly save the family budget.

If you think that the home furniture, made with his own hands, looks ugly, you are absolutely wrong.Sometimes your hands can create something unusual and even futuristic.It's just a very complex and time-consuming process that takes a lot of time and effort.But the result is worth the effort and energy.

If you want to make furniture improvised their own hands, you do not need to have special skills.You just need to know how to deal with a hammer and drill.Be a little imagination and persistence

and interesting schemes of furniture with his own hands made taking into account all the wishes immediately arise in your mind.

types of furniture at the location

There are some basic types of furniture at the location of the apartment or house:

  1. Hall furniture.
  2. room furniture.
  3. Bedroom furniture.
  4. Children Furniture.
  5. Kitchen furniture.
  6. Furniture for bath.
  7. garden furniture or garden.

Each of these requires an individual approach, depending on the size of the room and preferences of the owner.Usually start their own make furniture for his own house or garden.It brings not only fun, but also makes your space unique, unusual.Those who have not the first time working on this issue, proceed to the more hard work - the production of furniture for the living room or bedroom.Show imagination and stubbornness, you will be able to create an unrivaled masterpiece of their own hands, using only means available.This will save the family budget and enjoy the results of the work done.

Manufacture of furniture with his hands is made up of several stages.Everything should be done gradually, without jumping, and do not rush things.

preparatory stage

If you decide to do something out of the furniture, first think carefully about its size, features that will carry these items.And the materials for furniture with his own hands, or you can buy, or look at, for example, in the garage.You will certainly find there is something that has long been forgotten.So you save money and order in the garage hover.

Stock up on all the necessary tools.This tape, pencil, hammer, screwdriver, electric drill, screwdriver, industrial staples, drills and much more.If you just want to try once to make furniture improvised with their hands, ask these tools from friends and acquaintances.If you want to do it professionally, it is worth to buy it all at once, and already have their own tools.If your project needs such materials, which you do not buy them at the store.It is not necessary to purchase expensive materials too, because, like any beginner, you can happen mistakes and mnoe of purchased can go just to waste.

We create with their own hands

Manufacture of furniture with his hands begins with measurement.Even a couple of millimeters error can ruin the whole design.Be especially careful when making furniture with their hands.The circuit diagram and all materials must clearly comply with all the sizes of future creations.Then cut out all the details, it should be done very carefully to avoid damaging parts of our design.The finished product to make minor notes for installation of all fasteners.

final stage

It remains only to assemble and decorate our furniture.Decorating is now very fashionable, it allows you to do your thing original and unusual.There are several popular methods.


This type of decoration is ideal for flat surfaces such as a desk or chair.You will need to wipe with a beautiful pattern.Separate the top layer, which is a drawing gently cut the desired part.Apply to the surface and apply a few layers of varnish - until then, until the surface is completely smooth.Each time between stages of coating product should dry well.

effect furniture antique furniture

improvised, with their hands decorated with antique, it looks very expensive and beautiful.Buy a special varnish that dries to crack.It is called "crazing".At the crack to give greater effect of antiquity can rub a light powder.Above all it is necessary to cover the usual polish.

collage decor

furniture, made with his own hands, looks very nice, if you decorate her collages.They can be made of paper or fabric.You just need to cut the fabric into pieces or magazine in a chaotic manner and arrange them on a surface.All of this is covered in several layers of lacquer.Wait until completely dry our furniture improvised.His hands spend on the table, and make sure the surface is smooth.

Master Class.Furniture the hands, which will appeal to all

You probably met ottomans funny, more like a bag stuffed with something soft and pleasant.Children love to spend on their leisure time.Frameless furniture, made with his own hands, is now very popular with customers and professionals, including beginner furniture makers.You can do it yourself.To do this, you do not need special materials and a lot of extra time.It is very quick and easy.The result exceeds all expectations.

Buy solid fabric for the outer and inner cover and polystyrene.It will be used for filling frameless furniture.Choose a fabric cover for outdoor durable, but at the same time beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

Invent and create a scheme for frameless padded stools or chairs.Draw or print pattern.We offer you a ready option scheme frameless ottoman.Cutting the fabric for the outer and inner cover.Stitch details on the sewing machine.Inner Case fill about 75 percent polystyrene.You no longer need, or else he will not be able to change the shape and adapt to the different types of shapes.But it is not necessary to put less, or upholstered furniture, made with his own hands, and in this case, frameless ottoman, get very hard and empty.You will have the feeling that you just sit on the floor.Sew the opening.All ottoman ready!You can make multiple external covers in different colors and change them periodically.This will refresh your interior and allow save ottoman clean.

making furniture with their hands quickly and easily

frameless ottoman If you can sew in half a day, here's to the next task is not so easy to handle and fast.Kitchen furniture, or as it is called, furniture, with their hands is a bit more complicated, since it is composed of many different elements.

If you have already cut out all the details, you have to the most complex - installation.Therefore, this process should be divided into several stages: assembling wall cabinets and floor cabinets.

Wall cabinets

assembly mounted cabinets should start with the corner elements.Often used for fixing adjustable canopies.Be careful when mounting and canopies, the slightest deviations or inaccuracies lead to the fact that the door will not open and close.

Outdoor tables

gather each cabinet individually, do not mix the various parts, or finally completely confused.Priority should be folded corner cabinet designed for the sink.After assembly of the already made frame.You should get a result without rear wall cabinet and legs.Then fix legs with screws prepared in advance.Finally you need to make a layout for the door hinges and attach them.Mount countertop drilled for that 3-4 hole.

That furniture, with their hands assembled, ready.You will not only save significant funds, but the kitchen and gathered on its own parameters and design.

garden furniture or garden with their own hands

If you do not risk to make furniture for the house with their own hands, try to start with the house or garden.Furniture for outdoor recreation - an indispensable thing for any host.Make it very simple.And most importantly, when working with wood or other materials you put his whole soul and warmth.

To the furniture looked harmoniously in nature, prefer such materials as natural wood.You can use sheets of chipboard and fiberboard, and, of course, different branches, stumps, roots for interesting design solutions.Natural wood has a different shape, which allows to make furniture with minimal processing.Need only your imagination and desire to create.If you want the furniture was solid and not afraid of natural elements, choose tables with concrete plinth or fill them with cement solution.If you want the furniture was mobile, choose a lightweight but strong materials.Originality your wicker furniture can add items.The most lightweight and supple in - bird cherry branches.

Do not forget to take care of comfortable chairs for themselves and their guests.They may be of standard shape or fold, which will save considerable space during storage.Or make a great bench, which can accommodate all your family members.

Tips for Beginners

If you decide to make your own garden furniture for the first time, use a simple cheap materials.Do not choose a scheme with complex compounds and components.This should be easy and fun.

proceed directly to work only after the designated or drawing.Do not make the furniture to the eye.Stock up on necessary tools and materials in advance so that you have everything under your fingertips.

Upon completion of the work check the product carefully.All elements of the fasteners must be secured and sunk into the wood, otherwise you and your family can get hurt when you use this furniture.

possible to treat finished products protective or antiseptic compounds, so you can permanently save your creation from aging and rotting.

its small furniture business

Sooner or later, any novice master thinks about whether to make their passion, making furniture, profitable business.After all, friends and acquaintances as praising your work, ask to do something for them.Think and weigh all the options.There are a lot of undercurrents, which you can not even guess.

one thing when you are doing it for themselves and their families, in convenient time for you and a pleasure.It's quite another thing when doing custom, fulfilling all the requirements and deadlines of the customer.Get ready for the criticism on his part and the requirements of tinkering at the slightest flaws.Besides rework rests entirely on your shoulders both financially and time-consuming.Well, if you have an assistant at your fingertips, ready to help at any moment.They ate not, be prepared to work at night in order to have time to deliver the order on time.

Most likely, you have to be a designer, craftsman, loader, garbage time.Think about whether you have enough strength and health to all.After all, artists, often working constantly on their feet, a very sore back, and strongly sits vision.

If you do decide to do the production of furniture with his own hands the main income, do not stop at nothing.Go to your goal, and your work will appreciate deserved.