How to brew a potion of invisibility in the "maynkraft"

traveling and exploring the world "Maynkrafta", the player may face certain difficulties that can not be solved by conventional means.For example, overly powerful monsters that the current level of character development represent a mortal danger for him.In such situations, simply vital to know how to brew a potion of invisibility.In fact, this process is not so complicated, but to obtain some ingredients may be very difficult.

Stove Front

There is only one way to play "Maynkraft" how to brew a potion of invisibility.It presupposes that we alchemical table, on which will be held this process.But there is one problem: to create it we need some items, the receipt of which is associated with considerable risk.

easiest way you will get three cobblestone.To find them you can just in nature, in the villages and abandoned fortresses.And also, if necessary, make your own, simply by mixing the two streams - lava and water.But be careful and do not fall into the red-hot goo.

with rods ifritah necessary for the completion of the reception, there are problems.Get it can be killing efreet that are found in the lower world, and to do so exclusively his own.If you kill ifritah trap, then nothing will fall out.

Having obtained all the ingredients, go to the bench and Kraft cooking rack on it.To do this, put the bottom line of three cobblestone, and the central cell - Stem.Now let's look at what we offered Minecraft.How to brew a potion of invisibility, and that this is necessary?

Prepare components

Before cooking invisibility potion, we will need to collect certain components.Some are rare, some not so, but they need to create a potion with maximum efficiency.So, what do we need?

  1. flasks with water.It is best to just three of them, as you can brew a potion of three copies, adding them all in one ingredient.
  2. Hell outgrowth.You can find it in the lower world in hellish fortresses.However, and can grow their own, but for that you need to shower the sand.
  3. Carrot ordinary.It grows in the beds.
  4. eight gold ingots.Burrow deeper into caves.Most often, gold is found at a depth of 10-15 units.You need to dig iron pickaxe.
  5. marinade (cooked) spider eyes.You can knock a witch or cook yourself from the spider's eyes, brown sugar and mushrooms.
  6. Red Dust (optional).


Once you have gathered all the necessary ingredients, melted gold ore into ingots, you need to make a golden carrot.To do this, on the bench in the central cell put ordinary carrot and surround it with gold.

All Now let's understand how to brew a potion of invisibility and in what order.

  1. in a flask with water, add a hell of a build-up to get a rough potion.
  2. a result of adding a golden carrot.Thus, we get a potion night vision.
  3. Once again, spread the potion on the cooking rack, throw it cooked spider eyes.You will receive an invisibility potion, the effect of which lasts only 3 minutes.
  4. To increase the length of final potion, add the red dust.

That's it, your invisibility potion ready.


There are a few rules of use, which need to remember before cooking invisibility potion.

  • Invisibility is not complete.Other players may notice you on the bubbles that rise to the point where you are standing.
  • Spiders see the invisible.
  • disappears only man.All your gear makes you visible.You can not hide if you do not take off the armor.
  • potion invisible monsters you can not see.If you put one thing that you will notice within a radius of 1 unit.If you wear full battle armor, monsters see you in a radius of 10 units instead of 15, without invisibility.