How to remove fat from the underarms and not only

How to remove excess fat?Throughout the world, there will be no representative of the fair sex, who did not want to have a good figure.But, unfortunately, there are shortcomings at all.Someone knows how to skillfully hide, someone tries to do it.It is not always obtained.Usually, the biggest problem of girls is considered fat.This is especially worried about the summer season, when the change comes free enclosed outdoor summer clothes.And when it comes to outdoor bathing suit, and there is a problem at all.Not everyone can afford to wear it.And then begin the search for solutions to this problem.

most problematic areas

How to remove fat from the waist?It is the most common question.Although now there are many methods and products to help solve this problem.For the lazy there is a method of surgery.Pay the money - and get what she wanted.However, this option is not only expensive, but not always safe.The most effective and widely used method is the diet combined with physical activity.But beyond that there must be a great desire to achieve the goal.Only then can we get the desired result.So it is incorporated in the female nature that body fat is primarily located in the abdomen and thighs.And with age in women there is another problem: how to remove fat from the underarms?

first consider a few ways to maintain the figure in good condition:

- to minimize the intake of fatty foods, especially fast food, replacing junk food on health;

- drink plenty of water - it's useful, and even green tea, liquid promotes fat burning;

- stop drinking soft drinks;

- turn the three-time diet in multiple absorption of food, but in small portions;

- before a meal to drink a glass of water to dull hunger;

- to lead a more sedentary life, more to be outdoors;

- read labels composition of products, choose the ones where there is less sugar;

- replace the sweetness of fruit and vegetables;

- you should not skip breakfast;

- not eating three hours before bedtime;

- reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages, which slow down the natural fat burning.

If you follow these simple rules, you probably will not have to grieve over how to get rid of fat on the abdomen, thighs, and how to remove fat from the armpits.

Cosmetics, helps fight fat

body should be cared for at all times.It should be handled scrub, toning and moisturizing.You can use the funds for cellulite fighting and prevention.Very effective wraps.They take the fat, and the skin thanks to them becomes more elastic.You can make your own wraps, but you can resort to the help of experts in beauty salons.You can cook at home scrub that will have anti-cellulite effect and helps to solve such pressing problems, how to remove fat from the thighs, abdomen, as well as how to remove fat from the armpits.

simple recipe wraps

Cooking gruel coffee + water + olive oil.Stir in approximately equal proportions.The result is a thick porridge, which must be applied to the problem areas.Then wrap film for food products.You can visit the sauna.The procedure lasts one hour.Then washed off with warm water.But this can not be done more than three times a week.

But all this is not enough.The problem of body fat on the abdomen and the thighs, as well as age women and tormenting question regarding how to remove fat from the armpit is not so easily solved.Needed exercise aimed at a particular group of muscles, which will help professionals - instructors.In addition, it is desirable to periodically unload the body.There are different methods, but the most effective and safe recognized fasting days on the water or yogurt.

planning your diet

How to remove excess fat from the armpits, waist, buttocks?Everything else you need to revise your diet.It is necessary to eliminate snacks, go on a balanced diet.If possible, replace fatty foods in the plant, do not overload the stomach before bedtime.During sleep, your stomach needs a rest.If a person has a great desire to get rid of the extra kilos, it will find the best option, but if nothing is done, then nothing will.