A feast for the Pope

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approaching on 23 February.This is an excellent opportunity to say thank you to the popes.It is usually all thanks and praises gets moms and dad often perceived solely as the breadwinner, thereby sending to the back of the educational process.

And it's not fair!After all, the boys fathers every day learn to be nimble, strong and courageous, while girls feel close to the popes real princess - the most beautiful, kind, gentle and fragile.It Fathers teach children to ski and play the ball, a fire in the country and not to be afraid of the dark.If the next pope - that's all right, you can safely explore the world and find their place in it.

A father's holiday - it is also an opportunity for the child to be creative and to congratulate the parents in a special way, but for the whole family - to spend the day together in a joyful and concerns communication, which is so often lacking in the working week.

Draw wall newspaper

Even if your baby is not able to sculpt or draw yourself, you are with him can make a festive wall newspaper.It's enough to put his palm on Whatman sheet and cut around it with paint.Received five fingers - five reasons to say kind words to the pope.Attentive, caring, responsible, cheerful, brave - let the child characterize the pope, and all you do is write on the painted palm.Ships, aircraft, best father's picture and a big number 23 strongly encouraged!

prepare breakfast

So, we got a wall newspaper, it's time to cook breakfast dad.Yes, not simple, and reminiscent of my father's youth.Surely, he had served in the army.So, sandwich "Sailor" with fish or salad "vitamin volley" make him smile!If Dad - an athlete, a meal can be decorated with carved beetroot and carrot dumbbells, and if an avid angler - fishing rod from the bow or dill.And most importantly, these simple dishes child can prepare yourself.


Now is the time to organize a concert.Karaoke perfectly replace Minusovka song "Daddy can", which is easily found in the public domain in any children's site.

After incendiary songs and dances is the time to explore and play.Of course, the captain of the team today will be the pope.However, he is so glorious captain of your ship, called "Family".And for that, he should say a special thank you!

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