Features skin care in cold weather

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Here ended the warm days.In anticipation of cold weather should take care not only about the warm clothes and shoes, but also to change the daily skin care, adapting it to low temperatures.

winter, the skin get any variety of troubles - from peeling until incomprehensible red spots.These problems arise from changes in temperature.Yes, and an allergy to the cold - not just words.Is it possible to anticipate and protect themselves from such evils?

course, you can, if you react to carefully care for themselves.

Rules skin care during the cold season

- autumn and winter skin needs more in nutrition and protection than in cleansing and moisturizing.So remember that any cream should be applied on the face for at least half an hour before the release of the frost.

- are indispensable to protect the skin of the face and hands from low temperatures sheet products - honey and olive oil.They are recommended to be applied on the face of both together and separately.Remember that olive oil can cope with even the most powerful peeling of the skin, which is often powerless against cosmetics.

- In cold weather is especially useful creams with vitamin C - they strengthen the skin and provide it with energy.But in addition to creams your body can get this miracle vitamin from food.Therefore, eating more citrus, pepper, black currant, sea buckthorn, strawberries (or jam from the berries), as well as eat kiwi, cabbage, green peas, green onions or potatoes.

- It is known that the skin is more receptive at night.In the dream, the skin cells are hard at work trying to restore vitality to awaken.Therefore, help your skin - always apply on the face corresponding to your type of skin a night cream.

- In cold weather, the morning can not wash with cold water and wipe the face with ice cubes - it is good only for the summer.And in winter you need to wash with warm water.Well after washing rinse face decoction of herbs - linden or sage.

- lips in cold weather require special attention.Always carry a chapstick and the first layer of chapstick apply it, and then color.

- If the lips are cracked, they need to lubricate the night nourishing balm.During this period, do not use to color lipstick, because the dyes corroding sores.

- Peeling remaining on the lips, it is easy to remove with the help of a home peel: it mouth rinse with warm water, massage with a soft toothbrush and spread fat cream.

- If your lips often appears herpes, not Kiss in the wind regularly take vitamins and means of enhancing the immune system, as well as the use of antiseptic hygienic lipstick.

- If, after a long stay in the air in cold weather facial skin retain moisture and start to peel off, it is useful to make a hot compress or poultice.To do this, soak a towel or napkin hot soda water or broth chamomile and mint, then squeeze and apply on face for 2-3 minutes (or by hand).

- If the low temperature and wind red border shelled, and his lips pale and become weathered appearance before leaving the premises on the air wipe his lips with lemon juice and brush with a mixture of goose fat and castor oil (in equal parts).To prevent chapping, use a fat lipstick: colorless or colored.

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