To you dove sat on the windowsill?

Do you believe in omens?Most people will say that all this is fiction, and if it comes true prediction, most likely, this is pure coincidence, not a prophecy.Maybe you're right.Still, the popular wisdom that has come to us from our ancestors, can not be considered an ordinary fiction least because many predictions and omens come true.For example, if a bird smashed against the glass - wait misfortune was got a mouse in a large block of flats - for the wedding and dating from Swat cat washes - to the guests.And you're wondering what to prepare, if you came to visit the pigeon?Not for nothing did he coos, sitting on the windowsill.Let's find out what kind of omen.

Pigeon song

Doves at all times believed birds life of peace and prosperity.People believed that this feathered friend brings happiness into the house and the good news.Are you interested in omens?Dove sat on the window sill - a pleasant news.Maybe someone will tell the good news related to family, work.Note: in the beak of a bird there is nothing?If the dove holds a sprig of it, the news will be connected with the completion of a family or an unexpected profit.If he coos and dancing, then get ready to welcome guests.Moreover, the more you pigeons sitting outside, the noisy company was coming.It is interesting to popular rumor says, what the dove sat on the windowsill, and proudly walks on it.So you take a high-ranking and influential guest.

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two pigeons cooing outside

And do you know what to prepare, if the two pigeons sat on the window sill to you?Of course, the wedding!Pigeons also believe bird family life.If they sit side by side in peace and still sing his song, the people who get married in the near future, will live peacefully and happily.They expect the happiness of the family is strong, and the house full cup.Doves, staying on your windowsill, fight and beat each other's wings?Not a very auspicious sign.Perhaps the wedding not take place.Most likely, the young will be disappointed, and a complete break.Watch the birds.How will they quarrel?To make peace or not?That will be the final relations newlyweds.

Unpleasant prophecy

I can not believe that there may be people and bad omens associated with these birds.In the old days, people believed that if a pigeon sat on the window sill and beating on the glass - a fire or natural disaster.Feathered flew to warn people of imminent disaster.Especially bad if the bird was wounded when fought in the window, or fallen down dead.It is a death and funeral in the house.But do not be upset if a pigeon sat on the window sill and at the same time hurt himself.This is only a warning.

any trouble can be avoided, problems to solve and obstacles to get around.You just need to be a while careful not to make fatal mistakes.

not believe in omens!

believe or disregard signs - a purely personal decision.Pigeons often sit on window sills of large apartment buildings.Especially when in the yard is a dovecote.Tie arrival of birds each time with some sign of unreasonable.But deep down we still remember about the beliefs and try to "pull" his pleasant events in the future.