Humorous scene "As Herringbone husband himself chose"

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Any holiday decorate comic scene.It is particularly appropriate at a New Year celebration.Of course, for a humorous scene involves actors dressed in theatrical costumes, and when still dress in fancy clothes, but on New Year's Eve?

organizational issues

Originally held view, if it is improvisation actors.Of course, the writer is preparing in advance for the holiday humorous miniature.Scenes are played without the training and rehearsals.From visitors are invited to go to volunteers.Then they dismantled the role by the "draw."Extremely funny humorous scene can happen in the case if the male characters fall to the fair sex, and women, on the contrary, men.At the moment only imagine is a slim girl in a bear suit, showing the rocker drunken snapper, or as Seksipchёlki athletic young guy.Immediately it becomes clear that this "incident" will add the presentation fun and laughter.Depending on the role the actor received puts on proposals prepared in advance by leading theatrical costume festival.You can also invite from the audience make-up artists and costume designers.According to the artist literally handing out "before the premiere of" only in order to sort out the writing.Especially fun to pass and takes the viewer humorous sketches in verse that can be performed by amateur actors under the well-known melodies of songs.

Humorous scene "As Herringbone husband chose himself»

Characters: Herringbone, deer, bears, ostriches.

Leading :

- snowy forest, dense ...

New Year too on the nose.

herringbone so bored

Day and night stand in the woods ...

Herringbone (sings to the tune of the famous children's song "Born in the forest ...»):

- I - Herringbone-Beauty,

In the woodsI was born.

At home do not like -

I leaned to the people.

Fancy the girl,

On holiday I come

and groom rich

exactly where I can find !!!

So Deer with big bag, singing the song "The deer big house."

Tree (continues to lip-synch):

- Wow, this is the first fiance!

with housing no problem!

it assumes a huge bag -

What's in it?That is the secret!

Horn of it - oh, good!

as branches I ...

Oleshko, dear, I will dance:

Tra la, tra-la-la-la!

Deer depicts ballet performance by an excerpt from "Swan Lake" and laughing guests.

Here the clearing out Bear .He sings to the tune of "The Thin Rowan."

- I go out swinging,

fat and happy!

Wildly sorry,

Pugh - I Cossack freestyle,

unmarried Bear -

Single, free,

For fun,

And I'm wearing fashionable!

Kohl I find honey -

There is no need to share!

And meet with friends -

I can drink.

No wife next -

no one to swear.

But it so happens that

nowhere to go ...

Let him who drank ...

Let be sworn ...

then I would not be drinking,

I would not swing!

Herringbone is now singing the words to the tune of another well-known children's song:

- Little Christmas trees

sad to be alone ...

she wants to get married


only problem is

In that difficult for me

Choosing your right

Make - like!

On the scene Ostrich .His words he sings to the tune of the song "Autumn Dream»:

- I Strausёnok young,

slightly arrogant!

When I am angry, then hit a leg

That's jaw, the hips!

When frightened, I run,

With such speed,

What can overtake easily

I train speed.

Here Elka has married.

Bride than I bad?

I fight - so what?

But always

eat eggs at your fingertips!

Herringbone sings a "song about geese»:

- distractedly Tree,

and trembling needle:

choice is.

I do not know,

Prefer someone, friends ...

leading offers to arrange a competition between the contenders.Humorous scene gradually becomes a stage comic contests and games that are open to all guests.By the way, then, and it turns out that in the bag a deer are prizes for the winners: small gifts, sweets and fun gifts.