This amazing plant kingdom!

All living organisms of the Earth originally historically divided into the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.Then it was decided to divide the independent kingdom fungi, bacteria and viruses.More some time independent kingdom took shape protists, archaea and chromium.

in the plant kingdom includes flowering plants and gymnosperms, club mosses and horsetails, ferns and mosses.Sometimes they include and algae.Flowering plants and some gymnosperms divided in turn into the grass, shrubs, trees and others.

Aristotle at the dawn of science is determined by the plant kingdom intermediate state between living and inanimate nature.The basis of his argument scientist put two facts:

  1. are living organisms that can multiply to consume food and water to breathe.
  2. plants are not able to move independently.

Despite the fact that the plant kingdom is the most studied area of ​​science, still discoveries are made in this area.And the controversial issues still - a great many.

For example, today you can not argue the fact that plants can not move.Move yourself - yes, can not, because the root system firmly holds the plant in one place.But to make certain they are capable of movement.

Take, for example, the ability of some trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers "cry" - secrete a fluid before the rain.A similar phenomenon is observed with respect to maple, alder, willow, pine, acacia, Alokaziya, sparganium, quinoa, crybaby-grass.

Say it is not regarded by biologists as a physical process, but as a process chemical.Then you can lead a more interesting example - carnivorous plants.Oh here that anybody will not argue: leaf leaf carnivorous flower closed, as soon as he sits down on the insect.It is easy to observe, having such a wonderful home "pet" at home on a window sill!

Here is a possible objection that the plant makes such actions automatically, that is, works defined function, regardless of the desires being.Thus, the conclusion: the world of plants is different from the nature that they can not desire, to experience emotions and thoughts.The processes of life take place regardless of the subject.

Then we can give you an example (for a long time, in the 60s of the article published in the journal "Science and Life" with photos).Two plants are exhibited next to the window.In one of the processes of each incision was made, of which there is an allocation of fluid functioning of the stem.The droplets fall from a clear regularity.

constantly enters the room the man who pours them.And your machine starts to record that during the arrival of the man was beginning to drip droplets often - plants "know" their breadwinner!

Further experience includes another character - evil "killer."He pours one plant with boiling water, and then it dies.A few days later, this "killer" comes back into the room.Survivor flower starts terribly excited to hear this man!Pressure in him so great that the droplets begin to dribble very quickly, almost one after the other!

think so plant or not?How do they understand the world around us?Did they even know how to talk?All that we have yet to find out.

Modern biology maintains that unlike other plant kingdoms is that they live through photosynthesis.And what they say about the already mentioned carnivorous plants?But parasites, ensuring its existence due to the "master"?Perhaps they also stands out in a separate kingdom?

Yes, a lot of questions still to be resolved biologists.Although today done a lot in this area.For 2004, it recorded 287,655 different species of plants.These are a group of plants that have similar symptoms.Among them are 258,650 flowering plants, 11,000 ferns, mosses 16000, 8000 green algae.But the discovery of new species still exist today.