Who are the Illuminati?

Over the last two millennia in our world appeared and disappeared some mysterious religious organizations ghost.They have always been shrouded in mystery, and therefore gave rise to a mass of legends.In front of them experienced a mystical fear.Working in different countries and changing the guise, they remain unchanged only its name - "the Illuminati".Tossing and turning to fiction to historical sources, we will try to find out who the Illuminati actually.

the cult of Cybele - enlightenment

first information about them relating to the II century, filled with nightmares.The sect of the Illuminati originated in Greece among fans dark and cruel cult of the goddess Cybele.Its High Priest Montanus first introduced into use this name survived the centuries.That represented the rituals associated with the worship of the goddess, can be understood from the description of the rite of admission of new members of the sect.

Extant documents tell how the temple priests in a wild frenzy applied themselves with daggers bloody wounds, and the neophyte (new member of the fraternity) as a sign of detachment from the world and the complete withdrawal of the bosom of the goddess Cybele castrated themselves.All other rituals as they are filled with blood and mystical horror.

Community First Illuminati

in Greece during this period dominated paganism, but there were already Christian communities.And this is the Montagne, for all interested in a new teaching and taking as a basis its main provisions, he created a secret society of Christian persuasion, whose members were called and enlightened, that is illumined light of truth.The main provisions of this truth were predicting the imminent end of the world and the need to reject all material wealth for a full spiritual cleansing.

The founder of the company suffered from epilepsy and your seizures, during which he rolled on the ground and shouted something incoherent, gave for the invasion of the Holy Spirit.It was a success with his followers.But first the Illuminati existed long.Emperor of pagan relationship with Christianity subjected them to persecution.Later, for the distortion of the true teachings and Christians turned away from them, declaring the Illuminati heretics.Over time, their historical traces completely lost.

Illuminati among Syrian Dervishes

After four centuries of enlightened self felt Syrian dervishes.These are the poor (literally) the followers of religious and mystical currents close to Buddhism, led an itinerant lifestyle and settled in monasteries.The people they were popular, as were able to prayers and incantations to cure illness, foretell the future, and invoke the spirits.Sometimes dervishes united in brotherhood.To understand who the Illuminati in Syria, it is necessary to contact one of these brotherhoods, called enlightened.

These blackened by the sun and dust pilgrims formed his own cult of the divine light, runs counter to the conventional religion.In this immediate reaction of the authorities, especially because his enlightened teachings of the dervishes of secret activities went to public agitation.

unauthorized performances of all time ended badly.Authorities quickly understand who the Illuminati.Stray preachers began to catch and punish.Executions also devised sophisticated to another certainly was nepovadno enlightens.However, to completely destroy for failed and it is believed that in secret it could survive until the present day.

From the mountains of Afghanistan - to conquer the world

Until the XV century on the activities of the Illuminati is not known.They revived, this time in the mountains of Afghanistan.The major religious figure of the time Bajazet Anzari formed a secret mystical society, whose name in translation sounded like "enlightened", that is, all the same Illuminati.The purpose of the society was "modest" - only the possession of the world.

Adherents of the new teaching were led by Anzari eight steps on the path to perfection, and in the end became owners of magical knowledge, capable, according to them, to ensure the success of the plan.Of these, formed a special caste of magicians - the Illuminati.Soon enlightened tried to take practical steps to conquer the world.Post decided from India and Persia.But having too small an army and exorbitant conceit, almost all of them died in this adventure.

Spanish Illuminati

Around the same years in Spain, at the apex of the Inquisition, there was the Order of the Illuminati.Was he, like all other similar organizations, secret and mystical.But this time, it turned against the adherents of the teachings of the Christian church.Rejecting all religious rituals, they claimed that the soul may itself be improved and enlightens without prayer, the sacraments and everything else that Christianity prescribes.

enlightened soul is able to contemplate the Holy Spirit, and to rise to the sky.Even the concept of sin and repentance for their theory excluded.You can imagine how mouth watered at the fathers inquisitors at the news of such clients.As a result, those who repented, ended their lives in the basement of the monastery prisons, and those who persisted up to the sky with the smoke of fires.

Illuminati activities in Picardy and the south of France

but completely destroy the Order of the Illuminati still failed.Some of them safely fled to France, and there, in Picardy, continued its activities.Of course, they have kept the old name.Abbey became the center of their Mobizon.However, here, according to contemporaries, to the purely religious purposes and activities were added secular, purely mercantile.The battle for the soul and the wallets of local parishioners, resulting in 1635 their activities were banned.

However, the land was very fertile France for enlightened mystics.A hundred years later the society of the same name appears in the south.At the beginning of their activities took a wide scope and provided an opportunity to attract many converts.But over time, their ideas began to lose popularity, and the Illuminati lost among numerous other religious communities.

truly powerful and influential mystical society with the same name appeared in France in 1786.Typically it is the fact that its adherents were the Illuminati and the Freemasons.The basis of the doctrine laid the works of the Danish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg.The founders of the company, the Polish Gabrienki Mason and former Benedictine monk Joseph de Perietti, demanded that all the followers of the strict implementation of magical rituals, based on the teachings of Swedenborg.

of the Illuminati in Paris and London from the south

Illuminati and the Masons moved their operations to Paris, and from there and abroad.His influence they spread to many European countries.The largest branch of the organization was in London.Illuminati sign appeared on the banks of the Thames.Public interest in the Illuminati was very high, and probably this is due to the birth of a large number of various legends associated with their activities.There were even rumors absurd that the Zionists and the Illuminati, being in cahoots, strive for world domination by means of magic and mystical action.

myths created by printing

There were numerous printed materials on the subject.To see fantastic just above them, enough to open the monograph "Secret Society", published in those years in England.In it the author, talking about who the Illuminati, unabashedly tells them what he has seen of the alleged rite of initiation into their society of the new term.

The description can be found and gloomy hall of the old castle, and the coffins with the dead and undead skeletons participating in the ceremony, and all other attributes of the Middle Ages.In this edition of the alleged conspiracy of the Illuminati received explicit support of supernatural forces.But the yard was already enlightened XVIII century, and the fires of the Inquisition in this part of Europe has long faded.

Organization of the Illuminati in Germany

But the most powerful and influential was the organization that emerged in 1776 in Bavaria.Its founder was a professor of canon law, Adam Weishaupt.The establishment of the company is fully manifested German pedantry and thoroughness.The Company has been called "The Illuminati".It gave him a mystery.The fact that in Germany of those years little was known about who the Illuminati.Immediately after the creation of a society Weishaupt became a member of the Masonic Lodge of Munich.This visionary move allowed him to enter the circle of the most influential people in Germany.

With their support, the organization has been recognized in many European countries, which contributed to the wide dissemination of doctrines.Interestingly, the goal set by the Illuminati - New World Order.He, according to Weishaupt, included the overthrow of the monarchy, the destruction of private property and the elimination of the institution of marriage and the eradication of all religions in favor of his teachings.

To implement the conceived has developed an entire system, which includes elements of mysticism, ancient philosophy and the foundations of the economy.For the impact on adopters widely practiced various spectacular rituals.All this was a success.Enlightened Weishaupt hundreds of thousands.But, knowing the glory and triumph, and this organization has ceased to exist, crushed powerful pressure state and church authorities.

modern fabrications about the Illuminati

way of the world that still has a mysterious and secret power of attraction.It makes us work our imagination, which, if lacking real facts immediately dorisovyvaet now the most fantastic details.When it comes to different societies, especially those who have achieved significant results, the flight of human imagination is boundless.Particularly affected by idle speculations Illuminati and the Zionists.

all serious historians engaged in the Bavarian society, bearing the name "Illuminati", claiming that his activities ceased in the late 1870s.However, an unusually popular are rumors that the Illuminati were alive and in our days.Moreover, some people even claim that the leaders of almost all governments in the world are as an organization founded sometime Weishaupt.Literally in every political statement they heard of the Illuminati secret message.

Illuminati Symbolism in the novel by Dan Brown

proofs of his fabrications, they are everywhere.Suffice it to recall the interpretation of symbols, depicted on the dollar bill, as set forth in detail by Dan Brown in his acclaimed bestseller "Angels and Demons."Literally in each character he saw the sign of the Illuminati.It makes no sense to list them.Anyone can open the pages of the novel itself, and in the 31 th chapter, get all the information.Just want to say that if you want you can always interpret obscure in any desired way.

Enlightened in our country

Are the Illuminati in Russia?Yes, of course, exist.This is easy to see, even just making a request online.Open the page will tell you that the organization aims to establish on the ground of equality and justice, giving people the Light.Ways of implementation are not specified.Judging by the fact that the word "light" is written with a capital letter, you can guess about a sacred meaning inherent in it.In general, everything is very vague and ambiguous.However, it is possible that it is only for us, for the uninitiated.So in fact we behaved all the Illuminati.Russian or foreign, they have always tried shrouded in mystery.