How to avoid mistakes in the application of the rule "Do not adjectives"?

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rules that govern the spelling NOT adjectives very simple.It says that if the way you can pick up a synonym without particles NOT , then you should choose fused spelling. NOT transformed from consoles in the negative particle, provided that the proposal has adversative Union And, when or implied opposition.In a separate spelling of words always point: far NOT , do NOT , did not , does not .

As in other parts of speech, NOT with adjectives written together, if included in the root morpheme: ugly, sloppy, ridiculous.

But often understandable, at first glance, the wording makes a great deal of confusion.The limited vocabulary of modern school does not allow to choose a synonym or synonymous expression of the way, and sometimes the selection of such a mistake occurs.

To clarify the rule NOT adjectives , we must remember that this part of the speech is the level of significance.

It is essential to distinguish between them because NOT with adjectives has the option of writing only one of the categories.Number of digits in the Russian language - three.Let us examine them in detail.

Possessive adjectives refer to the object belonging to any person.Typical examples of such words: mother's machines, toys, grandfather jacket, foxholes, cat foot, etc. Children are easily distinguished possessive adjectives other words the characteristic questions: «whose?" "Whose?" "Whose?" "Whose?»

particle NOT adjectives from this bit is always written separately, so how to choose a synonymno particles impossible.Simplifying somewhat, we can argue as follows: if the object is not someone else, then it belongs to another person: NOT fathers belt and uncle.

Adjectives indicating time, temperature and a number of other features, called relative.They are easy to learn, because determine the subject can not be more or less than this feature.That is, the degree of the comparison, as well as the short form, this discharge is offline. NOT adjectives from this group, too, has a separate writing: NOT wooden shelf, non-glass coaster, not forty-degree heat.

And finally, last digit - qualitative adjectives.Main sign of such words - possibility of degrees of comparison and / or the short form: high - high - higher - less high - the highest - the highest.

easy to distinguish the quality of the adjective combined with the ability to measure and degree adverbs: very beautiful, very smart, very good.

It qualitative adjectives are left the choice in a cohesive or separate from the particles is not spelling.And the short forms are usually written with not the same algorithm, but words in which the form is not complete or different lexical meaning: not prepared to answer, is not obliged to listen, do not intend to uezhat.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the spelling NOT with adjectives, as in other spelling rules, there are other nuances.But if guided by knowledge of the discharges by value, using this rule, you can reduce the number of errors to a minimum.