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The curriculum includes information on six cases of the Russian language, each student must know their meaning and be able to decline nouns, pronouns, etc.Generations of students compete in inventing ridiculous and absurd rhyme to make it easier for yourself remembering their order in the decline.Yes, everyone probably remembers from his childhood: "Ivan gave birth ..." - and so on ...

word "begotten" in the mnemonic patter is the genitive case.In grammatical terms, it is not a straight line, and one of five oblique cases.In many languages, he expresses possessive attitude, as well as perform other functions.Learn it's easy, you need to put a noun, pronoun, etc. In this case form the question "what?" Or "What?" With the auxiliary word "no", and if it does not change, then it means - it is the genitive case.For example:

a) "No what?" - Sun, conversations, songs;

b) "No one?" - Uncle, mom, dog.

With the genitive case forms used prepositions "from", "to," "from" "from", "to", "approximately", "around", "no", "to".For example: near the hut, out of the house, around the gazebo.Genitive plural - is no exception.For example, some houses of the responses around the sites.

Priimenny genitive following values ​​used without prepositions:

  1. The value of supplies indicates a person who owns some object.For example: Mikhalkov's lyrics, coat brother, a sketch artist.
  2. Explains the importance of the relationship between objects.For example, the director of the plant, part of the aircraft, usually spelling.
  3. indicates the quality and features.For example: diligence schoolboy tenderness of a mother, blue sky, the beauty of flowers.
  4. When numeral or word, defines the measure, the number of comparison.For example, brighter than the sun, one meter of cloth, ten children, five students.
  5. When verbal name where the case form denotes an object on which the action is performed.For example: the execution task, taking Perekopa, washing dishes.

Priglagolny genitive denotes:

  1. direct object if the verb, the verb form of managing negative.For example: I do not like flowers, keep your eyes on the painting.
  2. If the action is subject to the control of the verb is not the entire object, but only a part.For example: pour (cup) of milk, eat (crust) bread.
  3. After a series of control verbs.For example: to achieve success, improve wait, ask for forgiveness.
  4. After those verbs that have a value removal, deprivation, fear and the like.For example: afraid of the dark, deprived of shelter.

Most genitive, ending his word forms, mistakenly replaced by another:

  1. accusative with the preposition "for."For example: Pushkin and Lermontov - singers for freedom, freedom vmesto- singers.
  2. accusative with the preposition "on".For example: Good nutrition is important not only to the patient, rather - for the patient.
  3. instrumental with the preposition "with."For example: Emotions are inseparable from the feelings, rather - of the senses.
  4. prepositional phrase with the preposition "on".Young people regard life in the material position, along with the material position.
  5. genitive a pretext instead of genitive no excuse.For example: The public condemned the looting and murder against civilians, instead of looting and killing of civilians.

Misuse of cases is considered to be a rough voice mistake.To pass literate and intelligent speaker, you must learn the rules of declension.