How to draw a cheetah?

Perhaps all felines have both the flexibility of great mobility and strength.But among them I want to say too much about the cheetah.Of all the animals on the planet, this wild cat - the fastest representative, although in appearance it looks quite fragile.Can I show the picture all the distinctive qualities of the "wild beast"? "On the basis of the proposed later in this article describe how to draw a cheetah pencil stages, try to do the job quickly and easily.A picture accompanying instructions will help in this.

decide how to draw a cheetah - ready-to-roll or quietly going?

Before you get started, you need to determine about how you want to get the animal.It is not necessary to show it in motion.The habits of the animal, its main external characteristics that reveal the character, you can successfully portray the figure and with a slowly running cheetah.The most important thing - to observe the correct proportions, indicating the flexibility, mobility, muscle strength and plasticity.Thus, we consider how to draw a cheetah in stages.The beast will quietly walk on the grass.Stick to the accompanying sketches that demonstrate procedures.

first step, how to draw a cheetah: sketching

  1. Place on a sheet of three circles.First to the left and this is the smaller size - head.Step back a little at a distance of 1-2 cm, designate a place for the second round - the middle (thoracic region of the animal).A little further - the third circle, which has a much larger diameter (femoral part).
  2. draw an arc between the head and neck area, arching her up.
  3. the circle front lower part of the body down an elongated oval - one of the limbs.The second front paw consists of a straight, almost vertical line and located diagonally across a small flattened circle.
  4. hind limbs are almost identical and are arranged side by side, perpendicular to the thigh area.These are two cylinder tapered, slightly tapered downward, and extending them to two elongated oval.
  5. resulting sketch converted by designation of body contouring cheetah, its tail and snout.

Step Two: determine the contours of the relief

After receiving roughly proportional to the image, go to the application more precise contours of the animal.Therefore it is necessary to know how to draw a cheetah strong and fast.

  1. Enough long limbs should be refined themselves at the feet and at the same time have strong thigh and shoulder blades.Therefore, on the contours of the body clearly drawn sure these areas.
  2. Draw cheetah neck muscular and slightly outstretched.
  3. draw muzzle slightly flattened, but at the same time and pointed.Draw eyes and small ears.
  4. tail picture the beast hanging down and touching the rear legs.

final step: making figure "livingĀ»

But perhaps the most important point is to give the corresponding figure ornament.This characteristic allows the affirmative coloring say that the image - a cheetah, and not some other animal.Drawing on the entire surface of the body of small specks takes a lot of time.It should be borne in mind that in their feet will be a little less, and on the back more.Before coloring cheetah pre gently wipe the contour lines, and only then apply the pattern.Finally, do not forget to paint the grass, on which there is an animal.The feet are a little sink in it, so they can see the finished drawing in part.

You have still the question arises, how to draw a cheetah?Then try again from the beginning to the end of the test in practice, the proposed class.