Ranking factor in the search engine Yandex

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all search engines work in their algorithms, SEO-masters think they know them.While at one time the position of sites subside, citation index falls off and generally comes not a good time for webmasters.Simply put, the algorithm or who no known other than developers and therefore only about ranking factors, can only speak in general terms.

1. The lifetime of the domain and website.Important figures of authority.The greater the age of the domain and website, so it will be easier to achieve the desired effect and seo-vyvysti resource in the top search engine, young sites.True if the domain name of the filter and clean the rest.With such a site is easy to sell advertising on the exchange of links.

2. Regional affiliation.Here, too, everything seems clear.Stuffed citation index of 10 points, registering in the directory Yandex and regional affiliation okay.

3. Good site structure.Though Yandex and stopped paying attention to the keys, and the importance of relinking, ceased to play a role, to ignore these methods are not worth it - search engine optimization has not been canceled.More attention should be paid to error correction code.Validators to help.

4. The site must be in the directory Yandex - one of the main laws for effective seo promotion.This is not talking.

5. The popularity and development of the site.It's somewhere in something in common with the behavioral factors.On how much time visitors linger on the site, how the right information, whether the site is on Twitter and other social bookmarks.How frequently updated content and how it is unique.All this is to seo is very important and plays an important role in site promotion.

6. Trust and behavioral factors.Trust in one day is not reached, the matter of course, but again, if the site is not young, then the trust must be good.And the behavior of the factors must be able to have an impact, of course, if this is not the TOS.

7. Case, high quality and natural links to your site.Must be present.It plays an important role in the rankings.

So what we have.Website promotion go much faster if we have: a good site and domain age + large + Trust povedenchiskie factors.
send voice and, of course, is simple and easy, but in fact, you represent, and you know what works and money it will cost.