How to issue the invitation and get migration registration

According to the last census, at the time of its implementation in the Russian Federation lived 687,000 foreign citizens who have issued a permanent residence permit.This is only the official data, without taking into account illegal immigration.In view of the illegal immigrants this figure should be doubled or even several times.

What is the migration registration of foreign citizens?

This procedure provides for the state to be aware of demographic changes and the right to form public policy to reflect these modifications.In 2007 came a new law on migration registration, which overturned a permanent record for foreigners.Instead, put the migratory account.The order of this procedure involves the notification of the local branch of the Federal Migration Service.It is given 7 days after arrival in the country.Moreover, under the new law, all these bureaucratic procedures involved in the host country, the migrant himself no longer need to walk the chain of command.The receiving party may become Russian citizens, persons without citizenship, but have a residence permit, foreign citizens - residents of Russia, as well as legal persons who have an immigrant resides or works.If a foreigner staying at a hotel, hosted by becoming a hotel.She also becomes responsible for the migratory account.The local branch of the Federal Migration Service should be presented: form notifying the arrival of a foreigner, a copy of passport and a copy of the migration card.The migration card is filled at the border crossing.

notification of arrival can be obtained by e-mail

The above notification may be prepared to fill out and hand over the post offices in the Russian Federation.The form is available for free, but hand it is possible for the operator to address a special fee defined by law.The notification contains the detachable part that gets becoming a registered foreigner.This tear-off receipt confirming that a foreigner has been put on the migratory account.

Foreigners may stay in Russia until their visa is valid.If a visa is not required them, they may be in Russia to 90 days.If the foreign national is in the country more than 90 days, may be fined (2000-5000 rubles).

Making an invitation to a foreign citizen

Making invitations for foreigners is still through the Federal Migration Service.However, in recent years, the opportunity to apply for an invitation via the Internet, in a special state portal Invitation can apply for:

- Russian citizens,
- foreign citizens - residents of Russia,
- legal entities acting on the territory of the Russian Federation (registered in Russia oroutside).

To obtain the document required:
- petition (application);
- permit the use of foreign workers (if relevant);
- a letter of guarantee, confirming the responsibility of the host side for the housing, financial and medical support of the invited person;
- a copy of the identity document of the invited person;
- identification document of the inviting organization / private person;
- receipt confirming payment of the registration fee.

state duty at the moment is 500 rubles.The application for the issuance of the invitation is considered to 30 days or 5 days if it is an emergency (for example, illness of a relative).