How to enable the microphone in Windows?

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Modern speed access to the global network Internet has made communication through the program Skype commonplace.The ability to fully communicate free of charge, hearing and seeing the interlocutor, attracting many computer owners.After all, in fact, it is a very real videophone from movies about the future, however, is not yet sufficiently compact size.Such popularity of Skype has caused some problems.For example, discussion forums can often find the question of how to turn on the microphone.This is the case when, because of the little things become impossible to work properly on the computer.Realizing the importance, today we tell you in plain English how to turn on the microphone.

Faults with a microphone can be divided into two types: software and hardware.The first, in turn, may be an error of control programs, or wrong actions of the user.With the second a little easier.

Although the principle of operation is the same microphone (membrane vibrations are converted into electrical signals and processing programs), there are differences.One of them - a way to connect to a computer.For example, a headset with a microphone and a modern web camera with built-zvukoulavlivayuschim device using two different approaches.On the back of the system unit has a series of colored connectors designed for connecting the speaker and / or microphone.From the headset are two wires ending in pink and green connectors.They need to be connected to the terminals of the respective colors.It is recommended to do this when the operating system is loaded, which will allow work function of detecting the connected devices.But how to turn on the microphone to the USB webcam?It's simple: fit any free port connector USB.Thus, the basis of reliable operation - the correct connection.

Required under normal operation the microphone is to install sound card driver.The easiest way to find it on the disc that comes with your computer / laptop, or download from the manufacturer's website.Without a driver installed useless to understand how to turn on the microphone - it is a prerequisite of the entire sound system.

next step is to check the status of the microphone in the driver.

The fact is that sometimes the microphone is turned off by default or primary recording device is assigned a different source.By the way, this is one of the reasons why the laptop does not see a microphone.The decision of the following: the speaker icon in the lower right corner click the right mouse button (RMB), and follow in the "Recorders".A window appears with the above recording devices.If the microphone is listed, then call its properties (PCM) and set the default device.Here you can use to strengthen and adjust the volume.However, sometimes there is a microphone in the list.In this case, in the press and set the PCM system to show devices that are disabled.If the "disappearance" is found, it is turn on the microphone (via the menu called PCM).