Soup with noodles and chicken, and potatoes : the best recipes .Soup with noodles and chicken, and potatoes in multivarka

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seems to be no difficulty to make soup with noodles and chicken, and potatoes.Experienced chefs can cook it even in a dream.Often, however, even with all the recommendations, it turns something "canteen", fit only to fill the stomach very hungry man.By the same simple recipe will satisfy not all.And if you add just a couple of additional ingredients, your soup with noodles and chicken, and potatoes will satisfy even a gourmet.

culinary secrets

As you know, the basis of any of the first dishes - broth (or vegetable broth).And how delicious you get soup, primarily it depends precisely on the stock.Its transparency should be flawless!So the removal of the foam is made extremely carefully;You can "pull" the haze, as they do, aspic cooking.

Do not forget about the nutritional value, which is a soup with noodles and chicken, and potatoes.Calorie reaching 161 kcal, can be reduced by choosing a lean chicken (breast), taking off her skin before cooking and draining the first broth.

Another subtlety: if long to cook the pasta in a soup of any kind, it is cloudy and becomes less attractive appearance.Therefore, after the laying of noodles cooking lasts very little.That it is cooked, you can buy a "fast" option.Or leave the dish "ripen", covered for ten minutes.

If by chance you are too salty soup, do not fill up water in it - the taste will deteriorate in a few times.It is better to put it in a handful of rice in Marl: cereal pull excess salt, and taste absolutely no effect.

Children noodle soup

He is so called because it was supposed to feed the children exclusively in the tender age.However, Weight Watchers, he is also handy.Yes, and any adult willing to dine with a noodle soup, and chicken, and potatoes.The recipe is simple: take any part of the bird, for example whole leg, filled with cold water and put on the stove.How to boil, held a couple of minutes on the fire, and then replaced with fresh water with the addition of two small whole lukovok, fresh parsley and onion-pen.When the broth is ready, greens removed from it, and in its place are put carrot slices and dices five potatoes.When almost fully cooked vegetables is poured noodles - not too much to the soup has not turned to mush.Five minutes later the stove is turned off, and the dish is left on it for another quarter of an hour.

Chicken Soup "Ginger»

those who are not inclined to carefully count calories too, should like a noodle soup, and chicken, and potatoes.From polukilogrammovoy chicken breast cooked broth with whole onion and parsley spine.In parallel, made of fried grated carrots and chopped onion squares.Of the finished soup vegetables and meat are removed.Onion with parsley thrown, breast cut into cubes or broken down into fibrils - she returns to the finished soup.Pour two large wedges of potatoes.After boiling it joins zazharki.In a separate skillet, almost dry, with just a few drops of oil, quickly fried noodles to a light blush and almost ready to pour into the soup.Due to such processing pasta dish takes on a beautiful golden brown and cooked noodles quickly.Salt, pepper, herbs, Lavrushka - and in two minutes you can invite to dinner.

Italian soup

Italians have a look at how to make soup with noodles and chicken, and potatoes.The recipe tells a quarter kilogram of pasta separately and drain the boil in a colander, after having filled a spoon of olive oil.From a pound of chicken is cooked all the rules of the broth in which to pour the potato cubes.Two celery stalk, a large bell pepper, onion and tomatoes in the bank's own juice finely chopped.All vegetables, except tomatoes, fried and added to the potatoes.There also laid tomatoes (juice of them - too) and noodles.Pour in a glass of low-fat cream;soup is warming, but do not boil - at this temperature can curl cream.Already spilled on plates, it is sprinkled with cheese worn.Feel like an Italian!

Multivarochny noodle soup

owner of a new kitchen equipment can easily cook the soup with noodles and chicken, and potatoes in multivarka.To do this, shredded carrots and onions - one little thing.On the mode of baking they are fried until translucent - about ten minutes.Should be added to the pieces of chicken, about a pound and are prepared in the same mode, the same time - so you are not guaranteed when cooking will produce the foam, and the dish is much tastier.Then in a bowl placed noodles, three sliced ​​potatoes, salt and spices you selected.Filled with water (about half a liter) and put in an hour extinguishing mode.After the clock signal in the unit laid Lavrushka and the cover is closed again: noodle soup, and chicken and potatoes should stand in multivarka twenty minutes.