Management profit enterprise: the methods and models

In economics developed a lot of methods and models, which is achieved through effective management of profit and profitability.Thus, D. Aubert-Krier proposes to use the method of budget management in the company or the board of management.This tool of financial management - a technical method that uses the reporting enterprise to implement its overall policy.It includes foresight, coordination of budgets, the definition of deviations and corrective actions.Control panel uses a performance of companies in the technical conditions of production;economic, financial and commercial situation of the company, the situation with the staff and involves, ultimately, improve the management of the company profits.

According to the statement, RAFatkhutdinova, network planning - a graphic-analytical method of management and balance sheet management methods involve profit management companies on the basis of financial analysis.

seems that the ideological methods of management as the management of enterprise profit, it is impractical to allocate as independent.They should be included among the socio-psychological methods of management.The majority of economists do not allocate moral management techniques that are different from all the others, and including the psychological in nature.Considering the nature of economic methods of management, always have in mind (primarily) human presence, ie,management.So, we are talking about the social aspects, as they are inseparable from the man.Thus, the profits of the enterprise management by economic methods of management, and involves the use of socio-economic techniques.

With the current form of economic management of enterprise profit and efficiency of economic management methods decreases as we move from large to small units, for example, from the enterprise to the shop, site, team, a particular artist.If the enterprise is a business entity based in its activities based on the principles of commercial calculation (independence, self-sufficiency, self-financing), while basically all of its activities are regulated by the state, the structural unit is completely dependent on the enterprise and has virtually no autonomy.And despite the fact that the activity of the department assesses the economic indices, the principles of commercial calculation at this level is generally not implemented.

The same is true with sites brigades particular artist.The implementation of market relations at the level of internal production units require a fundamental revision of the system of relations between the enterprise as a single economic and legal entity and the entities belonging to its members.There is a need to review economic relations between these units and general-services management.This process is complicated by the fact that this manifest contradiction of two stakeholders: intraindustrial structural unit (department, department, service) on the one hand, and the enterprise as a whole - on the other.It is necessary to justify and evaluate the methods of economic management departments and in terms of the optimum consideration of the interests of these entities.Consideration of methods uparvleniya in this section for each division reveals their characteristic features and properties.