Omnipotent and immortal Indian shamans

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shamans at all times played an important role in Indian society.They treated the disease, trauma and the effects of witchcraft, influence the weather, predict the future, practiced military, hunting and love magic, at a distance could affect the enemy, finding lost people and things, give the benefit of the tribe.In short, were the intermediaries between the human world and the spirit world.

Force Indian shaman can get in two ways, one is called "The Power finds you," the second - "You find strength."In the first case, the guardian spirit appeared to him when he is fasting or is in a trance, and offers its assistance, in the second - the shaman is trained an experienced mentor, and it often lasts for years.But in whatever way the shaman nor was their knowledge, personal experience of communication with the spirit world for it is mandatory.

The main function of the Shaman is healing, but it plays an important role also in other magical or religious rites, such as, for example, the general hunting, and - where there is - in secret societies or mystical sects (like the big Indian sect"Religion Dancing Spirits").North American shamans, like all others like them, claim that they have power over the atmosphere (call or stop rain, and so on. N.) Knows future events, are thieves and so on. D. They protect people from spoiling the sorcerers, and the oldtimes it was enough to Shaman Paviotso have criminal sorcerer to order killed and his house was burned down.

It seems that in the past, at least in some tribes, shamans magic power more effective and spectacular.Paviotso still talk about ancient shamans, who took into her mouth burning coals without any consequences touched the red-hot iron.Today, shamans are primarily healers, though their ritual songs and even their own statements indicate almost divine power.

"My white brother - said one shaman of the tribe of Apaches American researcher - you probably will not believe me, but I am all-powerful. I will never die. If you shoot me with a gun, the bullet will fly to my body,and if it will fly, do not cause me any harm ... If you plunge a knife at my throat, sending him up, he will be released through the top, do not hurt me ... I - all-powerful. If I want someonekill, I enough to reach out and touch him, so that he died. My power is equal to the power of God. "

Summoned to the sick shaman tries to first find out the cause of the disease.There are two main types of diseases: those that arise from the introduction of the pathogenic object, and those that are due to "loss of the soul."Treatment is fundamentally different depending on hypotheses: in the first case it comes to eliminating the causes of disease, in the second - to find and return of fugitive soul of the patient.In the latter case, the shaman is undoubtedly necessary, as only he can see and catch the soul.

reasons for escape of the soul can be very diverse: it provokes dreams;They are trying to lure with the dead, who do not dare to go to the shadows and wander around the parking lots;or, finally, the very soul of the patient can get lost away from your body.If the soul is not gone too far, a shaman can bring her back.To this end it is included in trans.If the soul has departed far potustronny world, the shaman can not do anything too great a distance.

harmful items usually sent by sorcerers.These are small stones, animals, insects;the magician does not introduce them in the truest sense of the word, and creates the power of their thoughts.They may also send the spirits that are sometimes themselves move into the patient.Discover the cause of disease, shamans extract magical objects through exhaustion.

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