Facebook: groups and public pages.

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In the previous article we discussed the usefulness of the material targeted updates and tell you which three kinds of groups exist on Facebook.In this section we want to consider such things as reports on events that fall directly to users' mailboxes.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Events section on Facebook is the fact that the administrators of public pages can not send messages directly to their fans.Instead, the user is sent to a public information about the update page.On the one hand, a large percentage of your fan base will see Facebook updates about new developments, while at the same time, a significant portion of their fans may not see - there are no guarantees.Of course, you can always convey to the public the information about your event on Facebook via advertisements, but even so access to all of his fans will be extremely problematic.

Unlike the situation with feysbukovymi pages Administrators group on Facebook can send event invitations to all its members.True, there are still some limitations - as is the case with conventional mass distribution of messages when the number of group members is greater than 5,000, a mass sending of invitations to the event is limited.Therefore, the most appropriate way of informing the target audience remains, as before, the advertisements.

And by the way, about those same ads.Many underestimate them, and in fact use them, you can unleash not only their group, page or a public event, but your external site, and this, in turn, can bring you a very rather big financial benefit.Oh, and if you notice that your site is gaining popularity with serious pace, go to vds hosting - this will help you ensure your site quality protection against failures, which may be caused by overactivity of your users.Colocation - is the service that you are buying the equipment and place it in the data center provider, which is a relatively small fee involved in its administration.Rent a server - a service similar to colocation, the difference between them only in the fact that in the second case, you do not buy equipment, and just takes for rent.