As a self-mount car alarm?

Car Alarm - is today one of the most effective anti-theft vehicle systems.The current device can provide maximum protection for the vehicle against theft.However, for the expectations were justified, you must first choose a good alarm.But to buy the device - that's half the battle.Signaling must also install.How to do it right, let's look.

Installation of car alarms with their own hands - training tools

First you need to prepare all the necessary instruments and tools.In this case, to install a car alarm with auto start their own hands successful, will require a multimeter (a device that measures the voltage in an electrical circuit, and the resistance), pliers, scissors, a pair of groin and minus screwdriver, and a few meters of wire.


prepare all tools, you can safely get to work.But before you take the device for the car alarm installation with their hands begins with blackout circuit.To do this, remove the negative terminal from the battery.Next you need to decide where in the ca

r alarm is located.This unit can be placed perfectly in any part of the car, but it is important to observe that this place is not subject to frequent dust and moisture.It is advisable not to install it in tight spaces.It is also worth thinking about where to place sensors car alarm.Installation should be done with his own hands in those places where there is near the radio and other devices that generate RF noise.Do not forget about the regulators sensitivity.On some models, the device may not be adjusted, so the completion of work, check the sensors sensitivity to shocks.

Further, according to the circuitry and devices car alarm installation with their hands accompanied by wiring.Specific schemes cause we can not, because each unit has its own connection point.When installing the wiring indicator lights to select which part of optics you want to use - parking lights or daytime running lights.Carefully follow the polarity when connecting alarm.With regard to the wires, they are connected by soldering or twist to the standard terminals.Do not forget about insulation.This will save you from the sudden closure of the electric circuit of the car.

At the last stage, installation of sound siren.Mount it should be so that it did not get wet.Set it under the hood, and where it is - you can choose yourself.By the way, the direction of the siren can also customize yourself.Now we have to connect back to the terminal of the battery and check the operation of the car alarm.Installing your own hands at this stage is completed.