What game is the best in the world?

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What game is the best in the world?This question asks himself every player at some point in their lives.Each of us prefers its genres and in the virtual world looking for something different.Someone draws the plot, other special effects, the third prefers puzzles and someone - just a "meat grinder."Of course, there are powerful and influential magazines that are evaluating, rating, based on the opinions of experts.

But what are these "experts"?Who are they to evaluate the work of others?Any opinion is subjective, but its impact on the popularization and promotion of other scares.Therefore, today we will just give you the opportunity to choose the best games of the world, who are required to play it.


Despite the obvious subjective opinion, if you try to ask gamers to the question: "What game is the best?", The answer will be unambiguous.Among online games isolated recognized leaders who for many years are leading in the field of online entertainment.It giants such as World of Warcraft (WoW), Lineage 2 (LA2), and World of Tanks (WoT).What are they such luring and attracting millions of players?The answer is quite difficult.The first two games - a typical fantasy RPG, but the predominant opinion that they are better than others, pulls back the players, while the other worthy projects remain behind.If you are going to make its opinion on the game, be sure to try a new ArcheAge or well-established "Rage" and Perfect World.

At the same time, the game WoT proposed a new approach to gameplay reviving the famous "tanchiki" with "Nintendo".Tank battles unfolding on the battlefield, excite the blood of millions of players a variety of age groups.In addition, the gaining popularity and analogue WoT, a new online game - World of Warplanes.


Not all games originally created for use in the multiplayer mode.For example, Warcraft - a strategy with an interesting plot and gameplay.However, it failed to win the hearts of the players to such an extent that played it constantly.But a separate card has become so popular that it deserved a new life as a single game.This, of course, about the application DotA 2.

Another game that deserves attention - is StarCraft 2. Fantastic, well-thought-out plot, which is rare for the strategy, the sequence of presentation of events.Try to play in it, perhaps, for you it will be the best.In fact, this is probably the best game of the world, to play that you can not only alone, but also with friends.

for singles

can not ignore the genre such as the shooter.Unfortunately, in this area, the situation is slightly worse.There is a growing number of special effects, but reduced meaning.What game is the best in the world in this genre?Suffice controversial issue.Users prefer the series of games CounterStrike, Quake, HalfLife, while magazines continue to praise all the new projects of the same type like Bioshok.

For those who like medieval weapons, fit line first person games - Assasin's Creed, and Witcher.If you're a fan of the genre strategies, you can play all of the Stronghold, and certainly in all, not to miss the details of the plot.

What game is the best in the world for those who prefer horror?Without a doubt, this is Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and fans of the toys assert that the old parts, despite the graphics, the most worthwhile.


So we tried to figure out which game is the best in the world.As we see, among the different genres and styles has its undisputed leader, but, as they say, tastes do not.Selection of the best games will always be yours.The main thing - never trust the gaming magazines and the recommendations of friends.The mass brainwashing works here.If you are all ears prozhuzhzhat about the extent to which, say, a bad game, you will eventually believe it, even without starting it.Finally, what is the best game in the world?That's life.And those games that you can play with friends in a close dialogue with the reality.