Mysterious Yasmin: value - name of jasmine flower!

Yasmin - Persian name of Arab origin.It refers to the jasmine flower.In this article, we will learn what the secret stores the name of Yasmin.


name is rooted far back in time ... If you do a deeper detailed analysis, digging in various literature, we can see that some sources point to an ancient Slavic-Tatar name.It sounds paradoxical, but this is the secret of the mystery of the name.Nobody so far can not say exactly what is its origin, as well as the number of syllables, sounds, and finally letters.Some sources claim that the real name - Yasmine, and others - Jasmina.However, some information about it is still there.Let's get to know her.

mysterious Yasmin.Meaning

name has its own power.In particular, its owner - conflict-free women.In any disputes, they are one or the other compromise.To achieve the consent of the parties Yasmin always use a soft approach and compelling arguments.If this does not work, and the dispute will begin to flare up with renewed vigor, she simply step aside.From the loneliness of these women do not suffer.Around them is always a lot of friends and acquaintances.Noisy company - that is their weakness.

mental and creative Yasmin.Meaning

name of this girl - a beautiful flower.And it is no accident: it is the dreamy, romantic, sensual.At the same time adult Yasmin - imperious, stubborn and capricious, like rose thorns!This woman will strive for material well-being.She appreciates the respect on the part of other people, mostly women.

Yasmin - smart lady.She had the strength to focus and organize in order to achieve their goals.Her creative development creates a spiritual ennoblement of her.Creative way Yasmin does not pass without a trace.Of course, it is a bit windy, it can occur or that error, but she quickly forgets about them.Her passion is emotional and rampant.When she comes out of the soul Yasmin, raging for a long time and can not calm down.It is very pleasant to men.

Zhelannaya Yasmin.Meaning

name - is a lifelong imprint on the soul and character of the person.Yasmin stubborn and capricious.In marriage, she will be happy only if her husband would have physical and spiritual strength.Yasmin - a "bird in a cage."It easily turns into a diligent housewife and affectionate wife.It will always be loved by her husband, desire them.However, this woman - a little possessive.To her husband, she is jealous.Sometimes it can and "stab" him like a blue flower Tehran.

Yasmina not careerists.For the sake of the career ladder, they would not for the world will not go on the head and thorax of their competitors and rivals.As for the outward calm concealed traits such as stubbornness, willfulness, and the love of power, then the parents need to think carefully before choosing his daze similar names.A child needs a little first.However, any name - it is "the foundation" on which are laid or that future requests.Remember this!