What is silent Loch Ness, or there Loch Ness monster?

Loch Ness - it is one of the largest reservoirs in Europe and mysterious!It is tucked away in the Scottish highlands, it is surrounded on all sides by mountains and cliffs.The length of Loch Ness is about 40 km and the width - not more than 1 km.The depth of the lake - 300 meters - making it the third in Europe in terms of fresh water among lakes.Tradition says that in its icy depths, opaque and dark, like the night, lives ... Loch Ness monster!About him, and him only pogovorim.Kak not called: water Kelpie, sea horse, lake bull, evil spirit.Whatever it was, but the parents for centuries forbid their children to stay or play near this pond.Some superstitious people still believe that the Loch Ness monster (photos 1, 2, 3) may well turn into a horse galloping, grab the child and get him on his back, and then plunge into the abyss of a small and helpless rider!

Who saw the Loch Ness monster?

One of the first and most striking observation is dated 1880 year.It was then that a boatman Duncan MacDonald, later became known, was looking for a sunken boat in the lake.But something happened under the water, and he emerged from the lake by a bullet!His face was contorted with fear.When he revived, McDonald's trembling lips, but it is distinctly said to have seen the Loch Ness monster.He is particularly remembered for his eyes - a small, angry, gray, ... Ever since accumulated more than 3 million different eyewitness accounts, which under different circumstances alleged Loch Ness monster watched from the shore and from a boat.According to them, it appeared the day.Today, scientists believe that the size and appearance of uncaught being dependent on the imagination of a person.

Secret of the Loch Ness monster

Everyone has seen the monster!

Nessie (as it was called) beheld the different people in their profession: from farmers to priests.It was said the fishermen, lawyers, police officers, politicians and even ... the Nobel Prize in Chemistry - Englishman Richard Synge!Allegedly, he was watching the monster back in 1938.

Useless study

were kitted costly expedition.They studied the Loch Ness months, carried out research and experiments, examined the surface with binoculars, and hired a special mini-submarine to scan the depths of the lake, using the latest electronic devices.

results of searches

Hundreds held on Lake hours saturated work to find a monster, a whole library of books and articles written on the topic of the Loch Ness monster, a lot of photos, which allegedly captured a real Loch Ness lizard, several festivals called "Nessie"dozens of high-profile revelations ... and none of the evidence presented by the value!Still not found what some ancient bones or pieces of skin of a plesiosaur.

not caught, then, is not a thief!

In general, the judgment of experts and scientists do not present any obvious evidence of the existence of an ancient reptile in a Scottish lake.But be that as it may, most mysterious lake in the world - Loch Ness - still keeps its most important secret.Who knows, maybe Nessie is waiting in the wings, and soon we will open their mouths in astonishment?