Cow's milk: To drink or not to drink?

«Drink, children, milk - be healthy!" - A line from the song knows this fun both adults and kids.But is this statement true?Do all you can and need to drink milk?Let's find out together.

Arguments "for»

- The majority of pediatricians: cow's milk - a valuable food product that contains calcium, so necessary for children in the period of active growth, as well as vitamins D and E, which help absorb calcium.

- Milk must be a healthy child's body, asthe composition is close to the mother.That is why the infant kitchen every young mom can get aseptically packaged cow's milk that is right for her baby.For fat and vitamin content there followed strictly.The daily rate of milk for children 1-2 years - 0.7 liters.

- Cow's milk, unlike the goat, is much cheaper and sold at any store walking distance.A modern packaging makes it possible to store the product for a long time almost without losing its beneficial properties.And of course, cow's milk is much more useful soda!

... and "against»

- Many kids today observe individual lactose intolerant, which means that instead of the health of children with this disease whole cow's milk will only bring harm.Diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain after the adoption of milk - a reason to seek medical advice immediately and hand over all the necessary tests.For these children there is a special lactose-free milk.

- adult organism to digest milk is slightly worse than children.Therefore, if you do not like a child cow's milk easily replace it with cheese or yogurt - there is the same amount of calcium, and cheese even more, and in addition, dairy products contain bacteria, beneficial for digestion.And for children who do not like milk, curds suitable for children, as rich in calcium.

- Fresh unboiled milk, which is "straight from the cow" - is a source of dangerous diseases: Escherichia coli, worms, typhoid fever ... And therefore always boil milk or purchase pasteurized (it retains more nutrients than in a sterilized andboiled), that you will protect themselves and their children from infection!

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