What added to the soup to taste?

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Quite often, the hostess asked what is added to the soup to make it taste.Today we will talk with you about how to cook the most delicious first dishes that will please children and adults.Let's see what can be done.


What Russian soup is the most popular?Certainly pickle!That's just his cooking secrets with you now, we'll talk.How to start a pickle?With barley porridge!

Before you start cooking, you will have to carefully select barley.Now a lot of companies that produce this cereal.And each claims its product better.If you do not want to miscalculate, always use proven alternatives.

But what added to the pickle soup, to diversify and to give it taste?You can take a pickle.Even better - pickled.In order for your soup turned out more and hearty, add the chicken breast.Chicken - the most tender and juicy, which is necessary for good rassolnik.But how to cook it?Soups, recipes which we are examining today is cooked very quickly and produced an incredibly tasty.

Make chicken broth.To do this, you will need 2 liters of water.Now slice the carrots and onions, add the broth.In a separate saucepan, boil the barley porridge, fry the onions and let down into it.Cucumber slice and add to the dish.Now just mix the broth with barley.The dish is ready!


But what is the most popular Russian soup after rassolnik?Certainly the ear!In order to obtain a delicious soup, it is necessary to know a few simple rules that are sure to help you in the cooking process.Let's see what these chefs are guided by when trying to cook this dish.

first rule - is to choose the right fish.Fish-meat should be tender, with a slightly sweet flavor.Only then will the broth saturated.A good choice would be salmon, carp, pike, carp or pike.

second rule - a supplement.What added to the soup, fish soup, to make it more fragrant?Few carrots and potatoes can not hurt.If you cut the vegetables into small pieces, you get very tasty.Bay leaf and pepper - this is a great addition to your ear.

during cooking soup does not need to constantly stir the ingredients.Instead, you can gently shake the pan.It is invented in order to avoid having to eat soup instead of some sort of porridge of fish.

If you know these simple rules, you can cook the most delicious soup.The main thing is to move on the process in a good mood.Then every dish you will be on the shoulder.


Now let's talk with you about how you can vary the recipes home soups.For example, the fungus.After all, there are an infinite number of different options that can please everyone.How to cook the soup, which will be enjoyed by children and adults?Let's see!

So, if you do not know what is added to the soup to make it more flavorful, try cooking in the process put in a pot whole onion.Not everyone is in fact to taste boiled / fried onions!Children are unlikely to consider the appearance of the vegetable mushroom soup a good idea.But if you put the whole onion in broth, and then just get it, then the soup will be gentle and pleasant taste that will not be "overshadowed" by the presence of the unloved pieces.

for mushroom soup is preferable to use mushrooms.They are quick to prepare and can be "undercooked", because they can be eaten even raw.The original undertaking will add honey agaric or forest boletus mushrooms.However, this soup will have to cook for a long time.Let's look at a clear example of pure mushroom soup for the children.

Put the water to boil.In her lower 0.5 kg of mushrooms (can be more).Cut the potatoes into small cubes and throw in the soup.Now place one bulb in the water, add a pinch of salt and slices of carrot.Cook for 20 minutes.After remove the onions.


What added to the soup to make it a good remedy for colds?"Surely the garlic!"- You might say.And here and there!In order to cook a delicious soup that will help get rid of colds, you need only a few components.Let's see what.

first - a chicken.This chicken soup is very good against the common cold and other illnesses.Cook poultry must be a large amount of water and about 4 hours.Nothing more to add (except salt and spices) is not necessary.

But what to use our remedy for colds?Perfect Figure.Or pasta.It is best to boil in another pan grits and add to the broth as necessary before you start it to warm up.Pasta is best to take small (spider) or figured (asterisk alphabet).

"From package"

now used to prepare the different soups with special "sets."It is enough to boil water and pour the contents of the bag.Mix everything, bring to a boil and remove from heat.Let's see how this "powder" can get a normal delicious soup.

First, you should add the potatoes, cut into small cubes, and onion.In addition, there will be excess and carrots.

If you want to get richer broth, just cook it separately and then as a "seasoning" add the contents of the bag.Remember that salt does not need anything.

To give the soup flavor, you can add the bay leaf and peppercorns.A few leaves and a couple of peas - and your soup will get an unforgettable taste!

Bon appetit!