What to do if you broke contact and how to protect your page from hacking

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fall of 2006, something happened which strongly influence the life of Runet users.It was then that appeared in Russia social network, known even to those who do not use it - "in contact".By the phenomenon of social networks in general and "in contact" in particular may be treated differently.Someone willing to use the features and services provided, while others criticize and even reject the idea of ​​a social network.Be that as it may, no one can argue with the fact that the contact is firmly entrenched in the lives of millions of Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians, as well as residents of other countries.With the growing popularity of social networking, more and more began to occur cases of hacking user accounts.So why hack into contact?Why and who needs it?

The first and main reason - profit.How can you make a profit by breaking someone's page "in contact"?It's very simple: some unscrupulous site owners are using the hacked page to send spam on behalf of others.In principle, for sending spam, there are many ways, and hacking of accounts "in contact" - only one of them.The calculation here is the fact that people no longer trust the recommendations of their people than strangers.Though this method is very controversial efficiency, unfortunately, they often enjoy.There are other reasons why the hack page "in contact".For example, it is possible to lure the user money on behalf of the administration demanding that he send a paid SMS to a specific number to authenticate your account, but you can just revenge familiar person for causing offense.

Those who became a victim of fraud, of course, ask a question: what to do if you broke contact and how to get hacked contact?The easiest way, of course, to prevent hacking.How to do it?To answer this question, let us consider what kind of methods are used crackers.Often, they do not do this for nothing supernatural, simply use the gullibility of people.If a person is inconsiderate comes to a page that as two drops of water similar to the familiar to him "in contact", and has almost the same address, he will give your login and password into the hands of hackers.They can only use the data for their own purposes.In addition, the method is also widely used viral program.In addition, attackers can guess the password or snitch data stored in the browser.

order not to think about what to do if you broke contact, you need to carry out preventive measures.Universal Board to save your page: do not trust anyone and to be vigilant.Be sure to be attentive to the visited pages, do not give out information about their login and password to the right and left, not rassharivat extra folders in file storage, not follow links, causing suspicion.The password itself should be chosen so as to leave very little probability to pick it up - the more complicated the better.In addition, be sure to ensure that anti-virus software, standing on the computer, kept up to date.

And yet, what to do if you broke contact, despite all preventive measures?Obviously, if friends suddenly began to complain about spam, the simplest solution would be to change the password, do not forget that it should be as difficult.You can also use the password recovery.Certainly you need to check your computer for viruses, and to remove from it all suspicious programs and applications.And in any case, do not send sms, if a site suddenly required.

On the Internet everything is exactly the same as in life.And the real and virtual fraudsters operate based on the same principles.Therefore, in order not to wonder what to do if you broke contact, you just as well as in life, to be more cautious and less trusting.