Simpleton - is ... the meaning of "holy fool."

People think that whacky - a man with the obligatory presence of his mental illness or bodily defect.In simple terms, it is a regular fool.The Church constantly denies this definition, arguing that such people spontaneously doom themselves to suffering, enveloping veil that hides the true thoughts of kindness.Theology calls to distinguish between these two notions as to the nature and fools fools "for Christ's sake."If the first type everything seems clear, then talk about the second should be more detailed.They are due to their strong love for God became ascetics, protect themselves from worldly goods and comforts, dooming themselves to eternal wandering and loneliness.At the same time they could afford mad, indecent behavior in public, trying to seduce passers-by.Through the week of prayer, months in office, they were endowed with the gift of providence, but in spite of this, trying to escape the Earth's fame.

ideal clothing for the blessed - naked, broken body, showing disregard for human flesh corruptible.Nude image of two bears meaning.Firstly, it is the purity and innocence of an angel.Secondly, lust, immorality, the personification of the devil, who always appeared as Gothic art nude.This suit bears a dual meaning, as a salvation for some, and for others to destruction.Yet they had one distinctive attribute of clothing - shirt and loincloth.

language spoken whacky - silence.But supporters of Silence was not enough, as it was contrary to the direct responsibilities of the blessed: to denounce human vices and articulate predictions.They chose something between silence and broadcasting.Devotees mumbling incoherently and whispered, carrying incoherent nonsense.

interpretation of the word

the foolishness translated from Old Slavonic as a madman and a fool, comes from the following words: ourod and yurod.Having studied dictionaries Ozhegova, Ephraim, Dalia, we can conclude that the semantic load of similar words.

semantic properties

1. In religion Fool - a man who had renounced the earthly advantages, to choose for themselves the path of an ascetic.Wise fool, one of the faces of holiness.(Fools danced and cried. V.I.Kostylev "Ivan the Terrible")

2. The ancient meaning of the word "stupid".

3. disapproving designation belittles man: eccentric, crazy.(Do I look like a young vagrant holy fool, who executed today? M.A.Bulgakov "Master and Margarita")

raison d'ĂȘtre

His behavior they tried to reason with people, showing them in a caricature of their actions and deeds.They ridiculed human vices such as envy, brutality, resentment.This was done in order to bring in the masses a sense of shame for being unworthy.In contrast to the fairground buffoons fools did not resort to cutting sarcasm and satire.They were led by love and compassion to the people who lost their life's journey.

Procopius Ustyug

blessed Simpleton, who compared himself to the first ambassador of the will of God, called to another Sunday morning, the entire population of Ustyug to pray, else God will punish their city.His obsmeyat, considered insane.A few days later he again tearfully asked the inhabitants to repent, and to pray, but again was not heard.Soon, his prophecy came true: the city hit a terrible storm.Frightened people ran into the cathedral and near the Mother of God, they found praying blessed.Residents also began to pray fervently, and what have saved their city from destruction.Many saved and their souls, turning his gaze to God.In the heat and frost every night Blessed Procopius spent time at prayer in the church porch, and in the morning to sleep in a dunghill.

at Antioch observed the holy fools, one of which was the identification mark as dead, tied to his leg dog.Because of such strange people continually made fun of them, often kicked and beaten.Hence the conclusion that the holy fool - a martyr, but in contrast to the classical sense of the word, experiencing pain and suffering not once, but throughout his life.

Blessed Andrew Fool for Christ

During the reign of Emperor Leo the Great - the Wise lived in Constantinople, a man who has bought many slaves, among whom was a boy of Slavic appearance on behalf of Andrew.The owner loved him more than the others because he was handsome young man, smyshlen and kind.Since childhood, his favorite place to visit was the church, in the reading, he gave preference to the scriptures.Once he found a prayer for the devil and began pounding on the door to confuse.Andrew got scared and jumped into bed, covered the skin of a goat.He soon fell asleep, and he had a dream in which appeared before him the two armies.In one of the war were in bright robes like an angel, the other like the demons and devils.Black white army offered to fight with their mighty giant, but they did not dare to fight.And then he came down from heaven svetloliky boy.In his hands were the three crown unearthly beauty.Andrei longed to buy them at any price, which would have given him the owner, seeing such beauty.But the angel offered another version, saying that these wreaths are not sold for any worldly riches, but they will be able to belong to Andrew, if he wins the black giant.Andrei beat it received an award crowns, and then heard the words of God.The Lord calls Andrey be blissful for him and promised many awards and honors.Simpleton heard it and decided to do the will of God.Since that time, Andrew began to walk down the street naked, showing all its rugged body on the eve of a knife, pretending to be crazy, bringing vague nonsense.For years he endured the insults and spitting in the back, endured hunger and cold, heat and thirst, while others received alms distributed to the poor.For his humility and patience, he received an award from the Lord the gift of clairvoyance and divination by which saved a lot of lost souls, and brought clean water liars and villains.

reading prayers in the Blachernae church, Andrew Fool saw the Blessed Virgin Mary, from whom he received a blessing.At 936, Andrew died.

Fearless statements

Fools fought not only with the people's sins, but also with their own, for example, with pride.They have acquired over the years of the life of humility helped to survive all human attacks and beatings.But their humility and obedience is not to say that they are weak-willed and mollusks.Sometimes they make loud statements from the stands where the other people were frightened and lowered their eyes.

example in the history of

After much persuasion Sallosom Nicholas, known as the Pskov whacky, Ivan the Terrible still refused to eat meat in the post, arguing that he is a Christian.Blessed Nicholas kept his head and noticed that the king's strange position: do not eat meat, but to drink Christian blood.King was disgraced in such a statement and, together with his army was forced to leave the city.Thus whacky Pskov saved from destruction.

examples in the literature

classic image of the holy fool, known to all at an early age - the hero of Russian folk tales Ivan the Fool.At first it seemed an absolute fool, but over time it became clear that his ostentatious folly.

NMKaramzin created a character named Basil, who, fearing disgrace of Ivan the Terrible, denounced all of his violent acts.Yet he has the character John the Blessed, who even in the dead of winter, and walked barefoot on every corner broadcast of nasty deeds of Boris Godunov.

Pushkin blessed

All these heroes Karamzin Pushkin inspired to create their own image of the holy fool, nicknamed the Iron cap.Despite the minor role assigned to him, and a couple of cues in only one scene, he has his own "mission of truth", which he fills the whole tragedy.No wonder they say that words can not only hurt but also to kill.He appealed for protection to Godunov after it offended the local boys and took a lot of money, demanding them the same punishment, which was once the king suggested to apply to the little prince.Simpleton demanded their slaughter.The very news of the fate of the baby is not new, it was mentioned in the previous stages, but the difference in pitch.Before that on this subject only whispering, but now it was the accusation in person and in public, that has served as a shock to Boris.King signals those deed, as a small spot on his reputation, but the Iron Cap opened people's eyes to the fact that this heinous crime, and the fact that we should not pray for Tsar Herod.

Blissful devotees side of the glory, but for the suffering and nobody exploits estimated Lord rewarded their ability to create miracles by the power of prayer word.