Passive Income Profitpartners.

Retreat ...
all started with ads on the pages of freelancing ...
was selected artist, studied the script, put the site admin to this day.
Site Directory of companies one of the republics.There was a re-branding, has become another major site, the same is now in full my disposal, despite the fact that all references to it leads to a new domain / website.

Since attendance at the resource itself to jack up to 1,000 visitors per day after 6 months, I unwillingly started to think, what to hang on site to deal with this penny.

As a result, focused on the affiliate / Tsope Yandex Profit-Partner.
They are engaged in "spread" of contextual advertising Yandex, as there is search advertising, that is advertising in search results on your site.About the search engine will not write, because he did not connect.

Requirements for connection sparing site:
1) More than 300 visitors a day.
2) site for people.
This is the main thing I noticed, my site came up.

1) Round the clock online or by ICQ.

2) There is no minimum amount to a conclusion, but the conclusion is only once a month to the 5th number.
You can specify the minimum amount of work which the payment is reached.
3) conclusions can be for a few wallets WM, PayPal, poison, Privat24, for legal entities has a bank transfer.

first thing to do, of course, register on the site, that's a referral link to the registration page link Reff

Register easiest and takes a couple of minutes.

Then we need to register the platform on which we are going to place your ad unit / units.To do this we need to go to the "Sites" and click on add site in the open window.

form to add a new site, too simple.

Upon registration you need to specify the type of site, "Context of the page."

name used to designate the site in your personal account.

domain specified area added without http: //.

Here you can make a list of competitors whose ads you would not want to broadcast on your site, set aside for this two forms:
"Do not show domain" and "Phones competitors" is not necessarily to fill them.

Next is the "Link to Statistics" It is necessary to insert a link to your site statistics, someone as comfortable, but I interjected from LiveInternet'a
Specify access to statistics, fill in the login and password.

checkmark on "Yandex" is already, this is advertising.
Below there is a window for "Yandex".It's advertisements on goods from Yandex.
immediately put not recommend, although you can try =)

myself, I did not put my pad is not exactly under the goods, I think, although the experiment nobody forbids.

Well, click "Add".All area added to the moderation staff Yandex.Please note that employees spend moderation Yandex, not Profit Partners.
Moderation lasts from 2 to 7 and days about what the inscription will be shown on your site.
Unfortunately, the notice of approval or rejection of the site is not available, the result will have to monitor themselves.

When the site will pass the primary moderation, see the site here is the inscription:
"testing. It works." Next question will znachёk, clicking on which will be shown a plan of action.

's just here and start wondering.
ProfitPartners staff will help with the installation of the code on your site, and it will give the code block that is most appropriate for the site, just advise the place where you want to place blocks to get most of the exhaust!
If desired, you can give FTP access, and they insert the code where you want!

for filing such application is necessary to proceed to "Tools & gt; Consultations on the DTC."

We press on "Create", then look for "Consulting Installation code",
click "Order consultation", then open another page where you should press "Continue".

Choose platform, we write what we need, if you want to give access to FTP.

Zhdems couple of days, we will give a code to be inserted on the site, or install yourself, if you were given access by FTP.

When the code is set, you need to send a platform for industrial moderation, for this in the "Sites" must be pressed on znachёk "play" in a circle.

After all the manipulations playground will go to "working condition. It works."

Now you can pomonitorit your results about a week to see the clicks, look at income and if you want to apply for support to the issue of income increase.Yes, they give such advice, just there they will give the most optimal code for your site and tell you where on the site it should be placed.

If you want to do it immediately, then in the "Platform", click on the dollar sign, then all as when receiving advice on installing the code, but choose from the "Consultation on raising revenue"
Looks box applications so

Basically thereeverything is clear, you can not fill in all the fields, consult you still will.

As a result of all these movements, have income from this affiliate program 100R daily passive income on the ads, with those found on consultations quite recently.Prior to that, he put the blocks, and the exhaust was no, of course.Now I think how much I missed on the profits of their inexperience.

Here's a good way to monetezatsii site traffic from 300 and I found using what and happy and what you want.
recall that earnings depend on the attendance of more traffic - more clicks, greater earnings.Good luck and let your earnings only increasing.