What is a perfectionist and he is doomed to success?

Often in interviews famous people claim this as his as perfectionism.They talk about it as undeniable merits, but whether this is really the case?Today we will try to sort out who is a perfectionist.And if such a person is doomed to success?

To begin turn to the definition of the term.Open the desired page of the dictionary and read a perfectionist - a person who is committed to ensuring that all he had was perfect.But are these people essential employees, without whose services can not do in any organization?Let us Decide who is a perfectionist.And is it true that these people have nothing to do in business?If a sober look at who is a perfectionist, then immediately become visible to its shortcomings.Because of its natural desire for perfection such employee can endlessly put off doing things and devote most of their time studying the theory that he may never dare to put into practice.No wonder when hiring candidates often offer the test in psychology, which aims to identify so-called "complex honors."

It seems that people just do not understand that the world is not perfect and we can hardly learn anything the first time.Why do you need a worker who is infinitely perfect plan and design concept, for example, talking to customers, if the embodiment of his theories, he will continue to hold off on the following Monday.On the other hand, strive for perfection is still necessary, so only need to learn to enjoy even the smallest victories.And then you will have no problems with self-esteem!

Now that you've figured out who is a perfectionist, I hope you realized that this quality is not a guarantee of success, even though it is common to many Nobel Prize winners.What is their secret?You need to be in harmony with itself.Of course, laid out fully in order to achieve their goals - it's really great, but do not worry because the slightest slip.So you need to work on yourself and not put too high standard of compliance!In search of the ideal solutions may take a lot of time, so do not be better to act now?

According to psychologists, the "syndrome of honors" from childhood.Many parents demand too much from their children: the best estimates of records in the sport, etc.Over time, the child begins to feel that he is loved only for his results and progress.There is nothing surprising in the fact that he grew up, he strives to be the best in everything.Such a person feels unusually acute bitterness of failure, because he is afraid that the parents and the surrounding stop loving him.

perfectionists Should I try to change?If there is no conflict with the society, the sense of the psychological intervention there.At this stage the person can handle anything myself.Only need to learn to relax, to set achievable goals and enjoy life.Remember that everyone has a right to make mistakes!