How easy to forgive offenses?

Many people save up for years to imagine the pain and frustration.They do not know how to live.He is difficult to believe in human honesty and decency.But such a life devoid of joy.And there is no better means of bitterness than to learn how to forgive offenses.

Waking up, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm.Nothing will drag you down and make experiencing negative emotions.Forget the bitterness, frustration and pain - Breathe deeply!

How to forgive wrongs?Avoid two errors

Many people try to forget, but to forgive.They are trying to drive his mind pain in distant corners of consciousness.And pretend that nothing happened.But this leads to the fact that the unpleasant events in their life constantly repeated.

Another misconception opposite.Some people think that to forgive is to forget.But if you erase the memory of an event, it will certainly happen again.As a result, these people prefer to draw conclusions and look to the future, based on past experience.But remember that this position takes a lot of energy.A lot of effort goes into maintaining the state of resentment.And it is better spent on creative processes.

How to forgive wrongs?

learn to do it correctly.So that you will not be drowned in his painful past, but did not allow himself to use.How to forgive the offense right?Imagine that in your mind there is a sacred place where all your accumulated valuable experience that you have learned from what happened to you the events.Just be aware of what you want: to remember the feeling of resentment or lesson that you have?

Of course, the latter.The first option is closely associated with strong negative emotions.They are something you and torture.Therefore, the secret of how to forgive offenses, simple - release all the negative emotions, save all the useful information.Do not forget about the situation in general.Share your feelings and conclusions.

Solve the problem

If you have the opportunity, talk to the person who offended you.Try to just sort out the situation and not get bogged down in mutual reproaches.Agree that everyone quietly express their views, explain the reasons for his behavior.At the same time the listener must not interrupt the speaker.

described below quite effective scheme of the conversation.The first stage - the expression of negative emotions.It is known that the old unspoken resentment can be stored for years, cause new conflicts without cause.Therefore, it is important to express their grievances.Man paints can describe the events that upset or enraged him, but should not blame and call the opponent.

Now that the speaker expressed his displeasure, he calmed down and was ready for a rational dialogue.The second stage - to describe their true feelings at this moment.That he was hurt?What is he afraid of?

third phase - the realization that the conflict is always to blame for all the parties.Talking to admit their part of the blame.For example, to apologize for the outburst.

fourth stage - is the solution.Make suggestions.

now switch roles.When both parties speak out, discuss solutions to the conflict and forgive each other.