Visualization desires to fulfill his dream

method of the desires with the help of the board imaging has gained its popularity for a long time, and controversy about its effectiveness is still under way.

You can believe that the card desires (aka board imaging) - an energetic magnet that will attract to you the desired as soon as possible, but can doubt that dreams can be fulfilled easily.Map visualization is used by people with different beliefs, and its effect is manifested individually.Modern psychology studies show that visualization desire to help fulfill the dreams faster.After all, during the creation of the board desires a person is working on himself, he puts life priorities and sees its goals.And when you know exactly the purpose, it becomes easier to move toward her.

Another advantage of using the card desires psychologists find that it gives a person a positive attitude, which supports the path to the goal.

Well, from a metaphysical point of view of the value of the card is due to universal law of visualization: thought and speech material.If you think, speak, you see the picture of your future happy life, then soon it will become your reality.That's why so desires rendering effective.

So, how to create a map visualization desires to forces of the universe are on your side?Below you will find the necessary recommendations.

How to choose the right time to map visualization?

Map visualization desires best be during the transition to a new life stage, after updating the situation.No wonder many are tempted to change your life in the New Year - it's not just a calendar holiday, but also a good time for all undertakings.But what if you do not want to wait for December 31 and are ready to take decisive action immediately?

for planning such an important event using lunar calendar - it shows which days of the month are favorable for the realization of desires, and what - is energetically unfavorable.

work on the card is best to start at the new moon, or the first day of the lunar cycle, your personal card.

What desires will carry out imaging board? Dreamboard and the rules of its preparation

Map visualization of desires helps to carry out almost any wish.The main thing - the right to formulate it.This desire must be specific, clear and safe for you and others.Do not you risk to be in the position of fairy-tale hero, who caught the malicious genie.Execution of desires does not bring you joy, and just take the trouble if you do not react to the process of responsibly.

  1. Desire formulated in the affirmative this time (no "if", "ever").Inscriptions on the board imaging should describe your "dream come" life, to be "a message from the future."
  2. Visualization desires should contain your best photographs - where you are happy, cheerful and happy, surrounded by a desired: on the background of the wonderful scenery, expensive cars or luxury homes.
  3. can not be used in the desired particle "no" (the universe it can not "hear").And if you wish "not to be sick," then it will not help you get rid of the disease, but rather exacerbate the problem.Properly formulated desire: "I am healthy, I feel happy and satisfied with life!ยป

Visualization desires - step on the road to success!