The Declaration of Independence from 1776 to 2083

Declaration of Independence has long been associated with the word "freedom", even though the history of this phrase is not so in fact and rosy, and sometimes even sad.We will understand why it all happened.

American independence

It started back in 1775, in May.In Philadelphia, held the Second Continental Congress, which brought together representatives of the British colonies that started the rebellion against England and decided to break all sorts of communication with her, and at the same time form the actions of the US army commander in chief who was elected is already known to many people, George Washington.The result of this decision was the Declaration of Independence, signed on July 4, 1776, the year that confirms the formation of a new free state, called "United States" or, in other words, the United States.The author of this document was, of course, no less famous than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, who brought the banner of democracy in the newly formed country.Day, when there was the process of signing, is still called Independence Day, despite the subsequent five-year war, and a seven-year expectation of the Paris Peace Treaty.Despite all of this, and the paragraphs on the abolition of slavery Jefferson, full democracy had to wait more than a century: non-free status of many people and preserved - by Congress, which included rich planters and tenants.

However, the Declaration of Independence was the display of demonstrable progress in human rights.It was a place the ideas of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman, already above mentioned Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, hero of America, in whose honor was named one of the state and capital.The Declaration of Independence, which has signed a total of 56 people, was only the first step on the road to democratic society, but reflected his "foundation", those "pillars" on which it is to keep (according to the creators of the document) in the future.

Declaration of Independence in Europe

Despite the fact that in 1776 this phrase meant "freedom" and "democracy", today it has acquired a completely new shade thanks to Anders Breivik, the Norwegian extremists and nationalists, who organized the explosion in Osloand the attack on a youth camp.His political views and actions led him to 21 th year of imprisonment, in August of 2012.

His declaration of independence is not America, and Europe was a single video document is composed of four parts, which is the idea of ​​cultural Marxism, as well as a call for political and not only isolation in Europe, the new and the next crusade, to adopt the values ​​of Christian knights of medieval Europe.This video has been removed very quickly, but still has been copied by some users of the Internet, so do not disappear completely.But is the freedom that offers Breivik?Or not?In the end, everyone must decide for themselves on their own, what is freedom and what it means to him.