Obtaining a license for weapons - from A to Z

not to say that we live in a quiet time.So far, criminal chronicles are full of reports of robberies and vandalism attacks, and police statistics updated number of unsolved crimes.Therefore, we must be able on their own to fend for themselves and their loved ones in the event of an attack intruders.This opinion is shared by the majority of our fellow citizens, this explains the popularity of this simple self-defense tools: bits, stun, gas cans, not to mention the pistols, revolvers and knives.However, it is worth remembering that different types of weapons have varying degrees of influence, and to possess some of them must obtain a special permit.

Obtaining a license for a weapon - the procedure is quite long and tedious, but, fortunately, not often - it should take place every 5 years.Under federal law "On Weapons", it is divided into 3 types: combat, service and civilian.The latter, in turn, is divided into several categories: The weapon alarm, sports, hunting and self-defense.In theory, the weapon for self-defense include:

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1. Gunshot long-barreled guns with bullets of traumatic action;

2. Gunshot tubeless traumatic, gas cartridges, and light and sound;

3. Pneumatic pistols and revolvers, as well as cans and sprayers;

4. Electro and dischargers.

When buying pneumatics and shockers a license for the weapon is not required.Traumatic include only 2 of the first type, for self-defense.

Obtaining a license for traumatic weapon carried in licensing and permitting departments (ULRR), which are in each ATS.The license is a form with a photo on the back of which contains information about him.Obtaining a license for weapons begins with the collection of the necessary documents, namely copies of the passport, the two black and white photographs 3 * 4, the medical certificate of passing the medical examination form 046-1.They must provide the unit ULRR, and then fill out an application where you need to detail and without reductions to fill in all the fields.In the case of issuance approving the committee's decision, the applicant in about a month will be allowed.

But getting a license for the weapon is impossible without ensuring its safety demonstration, that is, to put it simply, you need to purchase a reliable safe where you keep travmatiku.His standards compliance officer will inspect ULRR then will incorporate the conclusion of the life of your application.

Once your request is approved, it will be necessary in the Savings Bank to pay a small state fee (up to 200 p) and pass exam on the rules governing the storage, use and transport of weapons, as well as penalties for failure to comply with these rules.After receiving the license acquisition of weapons, you must register in the same place, it takes up to 2 weeks.

So, briefly repeat the procedure for obtaining a license for the weapon:

1. Passage of the medical examination in the clinic.

2. Photo Studio - 2 b / w photos 3 * 4.

3. Removing photocopy of the passport.

4. "litsenzionku" - applying.

5. Savings - Payment of registration fee.

6. Weapon Shop - buy a gun.

7. Again ULRR department - registration of weapons.