Relieves stress: 10 Simple Tips

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few simple and effective tips on how to relieve stress, to remove internal stress and elevate mood.

1 piece of advice: use force herbal .

You can just use the old-fashioned natural remedies - mint, valerian, chamomile, motherwort, St. John's wort.They are great help relieve psychological stress and banish anxiety.And you can still pass a real anti-stress program: 2 teaspoons pounded roots degila brewed in a glass of boiling water.Take a miracle drink per week.

2 Tip: Exhale alarm .

should be deep, slow breath and imagine that a simple exhale inflated balloon.Then, utilizing the abdominal muscles, it is necessary to exhale all the anxiety into an imaginary ball.With each exhalation, it will grow in size and filled with anxieties and emotions.Now there will be only release the ball, he will fly high in the sky and carry with them all the alarms.

3 advice: Find a reason to smile .

Even if now is not around to fun and there is no reason to smile, it is possible, for example, to take advantage of summer vacation to your family or a friend to the cinema any premiere amusing comedy.The warm atmosphere of the room is required to chase away bad spirits and help relieve psychological stress.

Board 4: Erase the face of sadness .

imprint on the face of stress manifests itself in the form of wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrows and summarized clenched lips.From all this it is necessary to get rid of: smooth the forehead, close your eyes, lower jaw and lift the corners of the mouth to the top.At the wrinkles disappear in a bad mood and nervousness.Secure effect helps special cosmetics.

5 Council.Without unnecessary spending .

Unplanned shopping as a means of stress relief, then more able to drive in a sad state due to the thoughtless waste of money.In this mood you should not take with you to the store a large amount of money, before buying an expensive item you need to wait a day and see whether she needed.

6 Council.Time for yourself .

necessary to set aside a certain time limit and spend it only to satisfy their needs and desires.An hour on a fragrant bath and face mask or evening for a meeting with friends - everyone will choose what is right for her.

7 advice.Tighten then to relax .

Make muscles work.Tense the muscles of the hands or feet for a couple of seconds, take a deep breath and exhale completely relax.To achieve a balance of body and soul, what it means to enter into a state of complete tranquility, yoga can help.The most effective posture to restore communal harmony and stress is considered to pose half lotus.

8 Council.In the kitchen without stress .

avoid stressful situations before unexpectedly on the doorstep and guests nenakrytym modern technology help desk.For example, in the latest models of microwave ovens with additional features, you can quickly cook two dishes at the same time, and a food processor or blender for a few seconds will grind on salad products, thereby relieve psychological stress.The Council is relevant only to the hospitable hosts.

9 council.Almighty rosary .

Going through them, there is an influence on the sensitive acupuncture points, so the nervous system is restored.

10 Council.Revision things .

necessary to get rid of unwanted clothes, utensils and impaled objects associated with unpleasant memories.On the advice of psychologists, it is necessary to leave any half-empty shelf of the cabinet.This will come a sense of perspective that will automatically reduce internal tension and relieve stress.


Articles Source: Center for Psychology of Positive Thinking